Volume 21 Number 2 – Sep 2023

Dave Hill 
Marxist Critical Policy Analysis (MCPA) of Education Policy as opposed to Traditional Policy Analysis (TPA) and Critical Policy Analysis (CPA): What it is and What it does, Why and in Whose interests

Patricia McGrath 
Examining Social Justice, Inclusion and the Experiences of Low-income students in Ireland, through the lens of Nancy Fraser

Kyoung-oh Song
Bo-Young Kwon
Re-thinking Democracy of Higher Education in South Korea: Challenges and Prospects

Oliver McGarr
Educational inequality and the reproductive nature of schooling in Irish second-level education: exploring the influence of the wider political context

Darren Cogavin 
The Lancaster University Teach-Outs: Experiments in Radical Pedagogies and Reimagining the University

Jane Booth 
Desperate for Social Innovation: The case for the community-based University

Gunjan Sharma
Sunita Singh
Locating Children’s Right to Education in India’s National Education Policy 2020

Maria Menegaki
Education for a Segregated Society? An Ethnographic Approach to Educational Change in Catalonia

Volume 21 Number 1 – Apr 2023

Manolis Dafermos  
The neoliberal transformation of university and restructuring of academic labour

Hakkı Toy 
Academics as Interpellated: A hermeneutic study of the limits of academic identity

Alexandra Szarka 
How did vocational students become an economic interest? Media representation of Hungarian VET

Nji Clement Bang
Henry Asei Kum
Reforming Education through the Lenses of Competence-based Education: A Marxist critique

Heidi T. Katz
E. O. Acquah
Tackling racial equity in U.S. schools: A critical policy analysis of enacted state legislation (2020-2022)

Yael Cohen-Azaria
Sara Zamir
Through Israeli-Arab students’ perspective: The choice and influence of higher education studies in Education at a Jewish college

Monika Merket
‘Pedagogic Schizoid Identity’: A Comparative Analysis of Policy in an Integrated Teacher Education Program in Norway and OECD Policy

Laurence Piper
Karl Dahlquist
Fredrik Sunnemark
Learning for utopia: from banal to critical Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)

Fahriye Hayırsever 
Gender representation in children’s programming on Turkish television: A public, private mass media analysis of the popular cartoon, Pepee

Chris Holligan 
Educational Research Governance Politics: A critical discourse analysis of policy

Eda Yılmaz
Turkish Public Higher Education and Its Problems Under the Neoliberal Depredation

Volume 20 Number 3 – Jan 2023

Periklis Pavlidis
Teachers’ work as a form of intellectual activity in conditions of their proletarianisation

Alexander Andrason
An Organizational “Mini” Monster: An Anarchist Critique of the HyperHierarchization of a Small Department at a South African University

Peter Mayo
Hegemony, Education and Flight. Gramscian Overtures

Enrique-Javier Díez-Gutiérrez
Eva Palomo-Cermeño
Socioeconomic School Segregation, Equity and Educational Policies in Spain: A Systematic Literature Review

Lena E. Boraggina-Ballard
Reframing student oppositional behavior through the theoretical and ideological lens of resistance and resilience

Yasemin Esen
Ayşe Soylu
Migrant Women and their Educational Capital: An Analysis of Opportunities and Challenges

Camilla Fitzsimons
Lilian Nwanze
Can Critical Education Help Address Racial Discrimination in Irish Maternity Settings?

Urvashi Khandal
Saurabh Das
Rajshri Gaur
Education suffering within structural inequalities: A Critical Discourse Analysis of a policy framework

Seyed Ziea. Hashemi
Shayeste Taavoni
Impacts of the Integration of Islamic State with Neoliberalism on Iranian Teachers

Daniel Manzoni de Almeida
William Roslindo Paranhos
Erased bodies in the university space: autoethnography as a form of visibility

Ganes Gunansyah
Septi Ariadi
Tuti Budirahayu
Critical Environmental Education: The Urgency of Critical Consciousnesses, Intersubjective Communication, and Deliberative Democracy of Environmental Citizenship

Małgorzata Zalewska-Bujak
Teachers’ strategies for professional activities in the conditions of neoliberal educational reality

Ajat Sudrajat
A Freirean Analysis of Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture’s School Literacy Movement

Volume 20 Number 2 – July 2022

Luis Arboledas-Lérida
A critical assessment on the potentialities and limitations of a Marxian-informed approach to teaching/learning activities

Vinícius Neves de Cabral
A Marxist Approach to Disability: Notes on Marx’s Relative Surplus Population

Ícaro Franca Bastos
Manoela Barbosa Pinto
Simone Silveira Amorim
Tricia M. Kress
Culture and Language: Critical Interculturalism and Multiculturalism alongside with socio and emotional intelligences in language learning

Sara Zamir
Reham Alkrenawy
Integrating Bedouin Children into a Kibbutz Kindergarten: Maintaining Genuine Co-Existence or Preserving the Old Order?

Scott Ellison
Crisis, Mutant Neoliberalism, & Critical Education Policy Analysis

Sally Welsh
The 2019 Chicago Teachers’ Union Strike: meeting student needs analysed through Nancy Fraser’s ‘politics of need interpretation’

Louisa Dawes
Mediating ‘authorised’ pedagogies in high poverty classrooms: navigating policy and practice in an era of neoliberal and neoconservative educational reform

Kevin Russell Magill
Arturo Rodriguez
Reframing Violence, Power, and Education

María Begoña Vigo-Arrazola
Belén Dieste
Ana Cristina Blasco-Serrano
Education Recommendations for Inclusive Education from the National Arena in Spain. Less poetry and more facts

Janine Aldous Arantes
eMorpheus: The unconscious human labour of producing commercial data in educational settings

Daniel Sparks
School Board Privatization: A Case Study of NYC Charter Schools

Sara Mirza
9/11, Language, Islam, and the Arrogance of Ignorance

Nichole Rivale-Bell
Equity Centered Leadership of Principals Who Narrowed the Race-Based Academic Achievement Gap

Yamilda Arias Verdecia
Leticia de las Mercedes García Rosabal
Rosi Smith
The impact of COVID-19 on the education of Cuban university students

Manuel Joseph Ellul
Kurt Borg
Massimilano Tarozzi
Maria Nikolakaki
Book Review Symposium: Peter Mayo and Paolo Vittoria, (2021) Critical Education in International Perspective. London and New York. Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN HB: 978-1-3501-4775-1

Volume 20 Number 1 – Special Latin American Edition – Apr 2022

Aldo Ocampo González
Genoveva Ponce Naranjo
Editorial: Literacy and oppositional consciousness: subversive subjectivities and ontological disorders from other worlds

Moira Pérez
Can academia be decolonized beyond the metaphor?

Fabiana Parra
Materialist Intersectionality and Situated Critical Genealogies. Towards an Epistemic-Political Rupture

Natalia Duque Cardona
Resisting the silencing of the Word

Aldo Ocampo González
Genoveva Ponce Naranjo
Anticolonial theory of reading and ontology of the lesser: analytical-methodological assumptions

Juliana Enrico
Critical Horizons for the Reading/Rewriting/Transformation of the Contemporary World from a Gender/Feminist/Queer/Cuir point of view

Luis Enrique Pincheira Muñoz
Marco Antonio Navarrete Ávila
Intersectionality and Research: Educational Inequality from the Critical Interculturality- Health- Corporateity Triad

Luz María Stella Moreno Medrano
Silvia Romero-Contreras
The Otomí Autonomous Educational Project: Supporting Children’s Literacy and Agency

Florina Mendoza Jiménez
The takeover of the INPI: an approach to the political experience of a disruptive action by the Otomi community living in Mexico City

Judy Kalman
We don’t vaccinate foreigners”: Promoting critical literacy through understanding disputed meanings in official documents

Juan Pablo Bermúdez
Juan Ramos-Martín
The notion of Governance and alternative literate practices: the challenge of epistemic justice thinking with the ‘Pueblos del centro’

Diana Carolina Moreno Rodríguez
Vladimir Núñez Camacho
Leonardo Varela
Critical literacies in Colombia: between social struggle and performative practices

Volume 19 Number 3 – Dec 2021-Jan 2022

Alpesh Maisuria
Inny Accioly
James D. Kirylo
Peter Mayo
Peter McLaren
Book Review Symposium: Walter Omar Kohan (2021) Paulo Freire: A Philosophical Biography [Translated by Jason Wozniak and Samuel D. Rocha]. Lndon: Bloomsbury Academic Publishing ISBN 978-1-3501-9598-1

Derek R. Ford
Maria Esposito
Aesthetic Encounters Beyond the Present: Historical Materialism and Sonic Pedagogies for Resisting Abstraction

Dave Hill
Class, Capitalism and Inequality: Schooling and Education in neo-liberal, neo-conservative and neo- fascist Covid times: a Classical Marxist critical analysis and activist programme

Amanda Oliveira Rabelo
The Importance of Narrative Inquiry in Education

Manu V Mathew
The Struggle Against the Citizenship Amendment Act in India: Recovering the Insurrectionary Praxis of Critical Pedagogy

Luis Arturo Ávila-Meléndez
Fabián Villalpando-Barragán
Jannete Andrea Aburto-Martínez
Teachers pro and con: Neoliberal educational reform in a rebellious and disadvantaged context

Jennifer Gale de Saxe
Unsettling the “White University”- Undermining Color-blindness through Critical Race Theory and Testimonio

Jani Pulkki
The Moral Problems of Economism in an Age of Eco-Crisis

Kirk S. Robinson
How Treating Prospective Undergraduate Students as Customers and Commodifying Postsecondary Education Led to Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Alienation in the Neoliberal Academy: A Personal Experience Narrative

Maria Chalari
Spaces and prospects for student empowerment in the debt-ridden Greek education system. Future possibilities for change according to student’s views

Dilnaz Boga
Rohit Ranjan
Presenting an alternative theoretical framework on Kashmir in the context of print media: From Ethnonationalism to Civic Nationalism

Brad Evans
How should we educate children about violence?

Nikolaos M. Oudatzis
Konstantinos D. Tzikas
The Right to Choose: Political Discourses, Ideological connotations and their impact on Reforms regarding the ‘entrance system’ to Higher  Education, in Greece

Lucilla da Silva
Hugo Morales Maroto
Kevin Magill
Book Review Symposium Moira Pérez and Gracia Trujillo-Barbadillo (eds.) (2020) Queer Epistemologies in Education. Luso-Hispanic Dialogues and Shared Horizons. London:Palgrave MacMillan, ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 3030503046, ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3030503048

Eleftheria Atta
Panagiotis Kanellopoulos
Yannis Pechtelidis
Book Review Symposium: Maria Chalari. (2020). Crisis, Austerity, and New Frameworks for Teaching and Learning. A Pedagogy of Hope for Contemporary Greek Education. New York. Routledge. ISBN 9780367728694

Volume 19 Number 2 – Sep 2021

Yuko Ida
Desire after hope: To reorient myself for true life during COVID19

Glenn Rikowski
The Funnelling: Higher Education for Labour-power Production in the Shadow of Covid-19

YiShan Lea
Praxis of Jose Marti: Politico Literary Discourse and Agency for Independence Movement

Enrique Javier Díez Gutiérrez
Ideas and Proposals for the Spanish Education System in a Post-Capitalist Era

Ivonaldo Leite
An education for outsiders: Popular Education

Muharrem Demirdiş
Hasan Hüseyin Aksoy
Bertolt Brecht’s Theatrical Techniques’ Connection with Critical Pedagogy and Their Usability in Learning Environments

Michelle Gautreaux
Jordan Whelchel
Isaiah Zukowski
Nicholas Stender
Podcast Review Symposium: Derek Ford, Patricia Gorky, Mike Prysner, Nic de la Riva, Anahdedron, and Nathan Schmidt. (2021). Reading Capital with Comrades. Liberation School.

Michael Hornsby Brown
Marxists Forged Through Personal Struggle: Counterstorytelling Through Lived Experiences of Becoming Class Conscious

Juan Ramón Rodríguez Fernández
The Holy Crusade to Educate the Poor. A Political critique of Socio-educational Programs Against Poverty

Türkü Kivaluz
F. Ayşe Balci Karaboğa
The Reproduction of Gender Discrimination and the Daily Practices of Primary Schools in Turkey

Theodoros Vavitsas
Georgios Nikolaou
Highlighting the critical elements of interculturalism: Towards a Critical Intercultural Education

Ian Duckett
Curriculum and Social Class: adventures in pedagogy, engagement and intervention in England and Wales

Shawn R. Coon
Laurence Parker
Racial evasion policy: University leadership responses to incidents of racism in the age of neoliberalism

Jyoti Raina
Teacher education for diversity in India: Socio-educational experiences of travel to a ‘margin’

Amanda Oliveira Rabelo
Maria Amélia Reis
António Gomes Ferreira
Male and Female Gender in Teaching: Between the Will to Progress and the Wish to teach Well- a Comparative Study of Portugal and Brazil

Geraldine Mooney Simmie
The Pied Piper of Neo Liberalism Continues to Call the Tune in the Republic of Ireland: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Education Policy Texts from 2012 to 2021

Naser Zabeli
Fjolla Kaçaniku
Policy analysis for mapping the discourse of inclusion in higher education system in Kosovo

Foued Ben Said
School dropout risk in Tunisia: Impact of facilities and neighborhood characteristics

Giana Bakanou
Greg William Misiaszek
Book Review Symposium: Spyros Themelis. (ed) (2021) Critical Reflections on the Language of Neoliberalism in Education. New York. Routledge. ISBN 9780367629564

Volume 19 Number 1 – May 2021

Viviane Alves de Oliveira Feitosa
Antônio Marley de Araújo Stedile
Maria Cleide da Silva Barroso
Raphael Alves Feitosa
Moisey Pistrak (1888-1937) and the Unified Labour School: Analysis of Soviet Pedagogical Thinking for the Education of the Homo Novus

Ay Salem
Sand in the Academic Industrial Machine: Joyce Canaan’s Sociological Practice

Juha Suoranta
Tuukka Tomperi
Is There a Nordic Freire? The Reception History of Freirian Ideas in Finland

Tomasz Leś
Jacek Moroz
More Critical Thinking in Critical Thinking Concepts (?): A Constructivist Point of View

Miguel Martín-Sánchez
Laura Casares-Ávila
Jorge Cáceres-Muñoz
Education and Consumption: a critical perspective

James Avis
Beyond Neo-Liberalism a New Settlement – Three Crises and Post-Secondary Education

Zahra Kemiche
Christian Beighton
“It’s like very white winged”: students’ perceptions of the image and reality of Internationalisation in UK Higher Education

Benjamin Zonca
Josh Ambrosy
The expendable teacher in COVID-19 times: A poetic inquiry into the reconfiguration of governmentality in Victorian schools

Alisson Slider do Nascimento de Paula
The Learning-Market Of Edtech In Brazilian Education: The Impacts Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On The Educational Sector

Birgül Ulutaş
Academic Identity & Academic Labour in the Neoliberal Knowledge Production Process: The Example of Ankara’s Technocities

Leonardo Carnut
Neo-fascism and the public university: the Brazilian conjuncture in the Bolsonaro government

Amanda Oliveira Rabelo
Maria Amelia Reis
Antonio Ferreira
Male and Female Gender in Teaching: Between the Will to Progress and the Wish to Teach Well- a Comparative Study of Portugal and Brazil

Kyle Kopsick
The coloniality of Cambridge International in present-day Africa: An overview and call for research

Volume 18 Number 3 – Dec 2020

Josefine Wagner

Resisting Performativity Measures through Local Activism: A Critical Exploration of the 2019 Polish Teacher Strike

Taylor Ellis
Education Policy Studies in Troubling Times: Socially necessary labour time in neoliberal depoliticization of teachers’ work

Christian Beighton
“A cumulative and alienating pattern of repeated slights and insults”: Racism, Internationalization and Ethical Vacuity in UK Higher Education

Nkululeko Sibanda
Neoliberalism and Theatre Training in Zimbabwean Higher Education: The case of Midlands State University

Ross Goldstone
Exploring the changing dynamics of social class educational inequality throughout the history of state education in England: an analysis of four policy documents

Lucy Wenham
‘It was more a fear of the school thinking that I’d be a troublemaker’– Inappropriate use of internal exclusion through labelling by association with siblings

Margaret Fox
Book Review: Jay T. Dolmage (2017). Academic Ableism: Disability and Higher Education. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press. ISBM: 978-0472053711

Volume 18 Number 1 – April 2020

Francisco Miguel Martínez-Rodríguez
‘Working in the Vegetable Garden’ with Hortigas. A Critical Socio-Educational Experience Challenging Neoliberal Precarisation

Robert FitzSimmons
Juha Suoranta

Lenin on Learning and the Development of Revolutionary Consciousness

Patricia Vilanova Becker
Jorge Jimena Alcaide

Popular education as an antiracist approach: pedagogical experiences for a decolonial learning

Heather Jane Smith
Leena Helavaara Robertson
Nathalie Auger
Lydia Wysocki

Translanguaging as a political act with Roma: carving a path between pluralism and collectivism for transformation

Ivonaldo Leite
Society, Public Policies and Education: Alternative Approaches in Uruguay

Eric Ferris
Fortifying the Boundaries: Digital Surveillance and Policing Versus the Lives and Agency of People Living in Poverty

Maria Chalari
Students’ views on happiness in the era of multiple crises in Greece

Jennifer Y. Chung
Tom Buckmiller
Kevin D. Lam

Toward a Humanizing Framework for Student Success

Albert Torrent
Font Jordi Feu Gelis

Educational change in Spain: between committed renewal and innocuous innovation

Maria Nikolakaki
The Hope of Critical Pedagogy in the New Dark Ages of Neoliberal Globalization and Imperialism

Michael Brandmayr
Self-regulated Learning, Equality of Opportunities and the Mediation of Ideologies: A Discourse Study of the Austrian School System

Fatma Kesik
İdris Şahin

The reproduction of social inequality through education: The case of vocational high schools in Turkey

Ndindi Kitonga
Sheila L. Macrine
Kevin Russel Magill
Arturo Rodriguez
A Book Review Symposium: Lilia D. Monzó (2019) A Revolutionary Subject: Pedagogy of Women of Color and Indigeneity. New York: Peter Lang Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-4331-5919-0