Volume 7 Number 2 – November 2009

Dave Hill
Race and Class in Britain: a Critique of the statistical basis for Critical Race Theory in Britain

Tom G. Griffiths and Jo Williams
Mass schooling for socialist transformation in Cuba and Venezuela

Peter McLaren
Guided by a Red Star: the Cuban literacy campaign and the challenge of history

M. Wangeci Gatimu
Rationale for Critical Pedagogy of Decolonization: Kenya as a Unit of Analysis

Jennifer A. Sandlin, Richard Kahn, David Darts and Kevin Tavin
To Find the Cost of Freedom: Theorizing and Practicing a Critical Pedagogy of Consumption

Brian Lack
No Excuses: A Critique of the Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) within Charter Schools in the USA

Sondra Cuban and Nelly Stromquist
It Is Difficult To Be A Woman With A Dream Of An Education: Challenging U.S. Adult Basic Education Policies to Support Women Immigrants

Bill Templer
A Two-Tier Model for a More Simplified and Sustainable English as an International Language

Prentice Chandler and Douglas McKnight
The Failure of Social Education in the United States: A Critique of Teaching the National Story from ‘White’ Colourblind Eyes

Seçkin Özsoy
A Utopian Educator from Turkey: Ismail Hakki Tonguç (1893-1960)

Domingos Leite Lima Filho
Educational Policies and Globalization: elements for some criticism on the international organizations’ proposals for Latin America and the Caribbean Islands Countries

Andrea Beckmann , Charlie Cooper and Dave Hill
Neoliberalization and managerialization of ‘education’ in England and Wales – a case for reconstructing education

Jane-Frances Lobnibe
International Students and the Politics of Difference in US Higher Education

Magnus Dahlstedt
Democratic Governmentality: National Imaginations, Popular Movements and Governing the Citizen

Torie L. Weiston-Serdan
A Radical Redistribution of Capital

Brad Porfilio and Greg Dimitriadis
Book Review: Marc Pruyn and Luis Huerta-Charles Eds. Teaching Peter McLaren: Paths of Dissent (New York: Peter Lang)