Volume 6 Number 1 – May 2008

Ravi Kumar
Against Neoliberal Assault on Education in India: A Counternarrative of Resistance

Richard A. Brosio
Marxist Thought: Still Primus Inter Pares for Understanding and Opposing the Capitalist System

Alex Means
Neoliberalism and the Politics of Disposability: Education, Urbanization, and Displacement in the New Chicago

Adam Davidson-Harden
Re-branding Neoliberalism and Systemic Dilemmas in Social Development: The Case of Education and School Fees in Latin American HIPCs

Philip Kovacs
Neointellectuals: Willing Tools on a Veritable Crusade

Raquel Goulart Barreto
Recontextualizing Information and Communication Technologies: The Discourse of Educational Policies in Brazil (1995-2007)

Isaac N. Obasi
World University Rankings in a Market-driven Knowledge Society: Implications for African Universities

İlker C.Bıçakçı
The capitalistic function of education-directed social responsibility projects in Turkey within the context of relationships between the private sector and NGOs

Kariane Westrheim
Prison as Site for Political Education: Educational experiences from prison narrated by members and sympathisers of the PKK

Sima Sadeghi
Critical Pedagogy in an EFL Teaching context :An ignis fatuus or an Alternative Approach?

Martin Power
“Crossing the Sahara without water”: experiencing class inequality through the Back to Education Allowance Welfare to Education programme

Elaine Hampton
U.S. Economic Influences on Mexican Curriculum in Maquiladora Communities: Crossing the Colonization Line?

Richard D. Lakes
The Neoliberal Rhetoric of Workforce Readiness

Michael Corbett
The Edumometer: The commodification of learning from Galton to the PISA

Liz Jackson
Reconsidering Affirmative Action in Education as a Good for the Disadvantaged

Julia Hall, Kelvin McQueen
Review Symposium: Mike Cole Marxism and Educational Theory: Origins and issues (2008, London: Routledge)