Volume 13 Number 1 – June 2015

Marcus Hawel
Stefan Kalmring
Political learning processes. On the difficult role of critical intellectuals in social movements

Rubén Arriazu Muñoz
European Education Policy: A Historical and Critical Approach to Understanding the Impact of Neoliberalism in Europe

Aline Courtois
Theresa O’Keefe
Precarity in the ivory cage: Neoliberalism and casualisation of work in the Irish higher education sector

Roberto Ribeiro Baldino
Tânia Cristina Baptista Cabral
Profitability of qualified-labour-power production

Kevin D. Lam
Theories of Racism, Asian American Identities, and a Materialist Critical Pedagogy

Naciye Aksoy
The Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorship Illusion of the Commercial Companies in Public Elementary Schools of Turkey

Mehmet Saglam
12th September Coup d’état and the Media in the Narratives of the Primary School Students as Their Educational Experiences in the 1980s’ Turkey

Maria Ron-Balsera
Are schools promoting social and economic integration of migrant and ethnic minorities? The experiences of some young people of Ecuadorian background in Spain

Tarık Soydan
Being a Teacher in the East of Turkey

Robert FitzSimmons
Countering the neoliberal paradigm: A Pedagogy of the Heart from a Finnish Higher Learning Perspective

Brenda McMahon
Seeing Strengths in a Rural School: Educators’ Conceptions of Individual and Environmental Resilience Factors

Dr. Haggith Gor Ziv
Education of Deaf Children in Israel: A case of marginalizing a minority group