Volume 19 Number 1 – May 2021

Viviane Alves de Oliveira Feitosa
Antônio Marley de Araújo Stedile
Maria Cleide da Silva Barroso
Raphael Alves Feitosa
Moisey Pistrak (1888-1937) and the Unified Labour School: Analysis of Soviet Pedagogical Thinking for the Education of the Homo Novus

Ay Salem
Sand in the Academic Industrial Machine: Joyce Canaan’s Sociological Practice

Juha Suoranta
Tuukka Tomperi
Is There a Nordic Freire? The Reception History of Freirian Ideas in Finland

Tomasz Leś
Jacek Moroz
More Critical Thinking in Critical Thinking Concepts (?): A Constructivist Point of View

Miguel Martín-Sánchez
Laura Casares-Ávila
Jorge Cáceres-Muñoz
Education and Consumption: a critical perspective

James Avis
Beyond Neo-Liberalism a New Settlement – Three Crises and Post-Secondary Education

Zahra Kemiche
Christian Beighton
“It’s like very white winged”: students’ perceptions of the image and reality of Internationalisation in UK Higher Education

Benjamin Zonca
Josh Ambrosy
The expendable teacher in COVID-19 times: A poetic inquiry into the reconfiguration of governmentality in Victorian schools

Alisson Slider do Nascimento de Paula
The Learning-Market Of Edtech In Brazilian Education: The Impacts Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On The Educational Sector

Birgül Ulutaş
Academic Identity & Academic Labour in the Neoliberal Knowledge Production Process: The Example of Ankara’s Technocities

Leonardo Carnut
Neo-fascism and the public university: the Brazilian conjuncture in the Bolsonaro government

Amanda Oliveira Rabelo
Maria Amelia Reis
Antonio Ferreira
Male and Female Gender in Teaching: Between the Will to Progress and the Wish to Teach Well- a Comparative Study of Portugal and Brazil

Kyle Kopsick
The coloniality of Cambridge International in present-day Africa: An overview and call for research