Book Review Symposium: Moira Pérez and Gracia Trujillo-Barbadillo (eds.) (2020) Queer Epistemologies in Education. Luso-Hispanic Dialogues and Shared Horizons. London:Palgrave MacMillan, ISBN-10:‎3030503046, ISBN-13: ‎978-3030503048

Lucilla da Silva
National University of Comahue, Neuquén, Argentina
Hugo Morales Maroto
Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Kevin Magill
Baylor University, Baylor, Texas, USA

Citation information
Author: Lucilla da Silva, Hugo Morales Maroto & Kevin Magill
Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies
Volume 19, Number 3
ISSN 1740-2743

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