Volume 10 Number 1 – April 2012

Jerrold L. Kachur
The Liberal Virus in Critical Pedagogy: Beyond “Anti-This-and-That” Postmodernism and Three Problems in the Idea of Communism

Giorgos Tsimouris
The task of critical educator in the era of globalized immigration: a view from the European periphery

Periklis Pavlidis
The Rise of General Intellect and the Meaning of Education. Reflections on the Contradictions of Cognitive Capitalism

Dimitris Zachos
Institutional Racism? Roma children, local community and school practices

Nathalia E. Jaramillo
Occupy, Recuperate and Decolonize

Charlotte Chadderton
UK secondary schools under surveillance: what are the implications for race? A Critical Race and Butlerian analysis

Marnie Holborow
Neoliberalism, human capital and the skills agenda in higher education – the Irish case

Panagiotis Sotiris
Theorizing the Entrepreneurial University: Open questions and possible answers

George Pasias and Yannis Roussakis
“Who marks the bench?”A critical review of the neo-European educational “paradigm”

Ira Papageorgiou
Educational activities in campaign organisations: Promoting migrants’ socio-political involvement through language education

Panagiotis Maniatis
Critical Intercultural Education Necessities and Prerequisites for its development in Greece

Anastasia Liasidou
Inclusive education and critical pedagogy at the intersections of disability, race, gender and class

Anastassios Liambas and Ioannis Kaskaris
Dialog and the love in the work of Paulo Freire

Christopher A. Warren
The Effect of Post-Racial Theory on Education

Evgenia Flogaitis, Christina Nomikou, Elli Naoum, and Christina Katsenou
Investigating the possibilities of creating a Community of Practice. Action Research in three educational institutions

Karen François and Charoula Stathopoulou
In-Between Critical Mathematics Education and Ethnomathematics. The Case of a Romany Students’ group Mathematics Education

Zeynep Mine Derince
Reflections on Teaching Practices through Conditionings in Turkey

Tzina Kalogirou and Konstantinos Malafantis
Do I dare / disturb the universe? Critical Pedagogy and the ethics of resistance to and engagement with literature

Matina Balampekou and Georgis Floriotis
Antonio Gramsci, Education and science

Vicki Macris
Towards a Pedagogy of Philoxenia (Hospitality): Negotiating Policy Priorities for Immigrant Students in Greek Public Schools

Alessandra Troian and Marcelo Leandro Eichler
Extension or communication?– The perceptions of southern Brazilian tobacco farmers and rural agents about rural extension and Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

Konstantinos Avramidis and Konstantina Drakopoulou
Graffiti Crews’ Potential Pedagogical Role