Volume 19 Number 2 – Sep 2021

Yuko Ida
Desire after hope: To reorient myself for true life during COVID19

Glenn Rikowski
The Funnelling: Higher Education for Labour-power Production in the Shadow of Covid-19

YiShan Lea
Praxis of Jose Marti: Politico Literary Discourse and Agency for Independence Movement

Enrique Javier Díez Gutiérrez
Ideas and Proposals for the Spanish Education System in a Post-Capitalist Era

Ivonaldo Leite
An education for outsiders: Popular Education

Muharrem Demirdiş
Hasan Hüseyin Aksoy
Bertolt Brecht’s Theatrical Techniques’ Connection with Critical Pedagogy and Their Usability in Learning Environments

Michelle Gautreaux
Jordan Whelchel
Isaiah Zukowski
Nicholas Stender
Podcast Review Symposium: Derek Ford, Patricia Gorky, Mike Prysner, Nic de la Riva, Anahdedron, and Nathan Schmidt. (2021). Reading Capital with Comrades. Liberation School.

Michael Hornsby Brown
Marxists Forged Through Personal Struggle: Counterstorytelling Through Lived Experiences of Becoming Class Conscious

Juan Ramón Rodríguez Fernández
The Holy Crusade to Educate the Poor. A Political critique of Socio-educational Programs Against Poverty

Türkü Kivaluz
F. Ayşe Balci Karaboğa
The Reproduction of Gender Discrimination and the Daily Practices of Primary Schools in Turkey

Theodoros Vavitsas
Georgios Nikolaou
Highlighting the critical elements of interculturalism: Towards a Critical Intercultural Education

Ian Duckett
Curriculum and Social Class: adventures in pedagogy, engagement and intervention in England and Wales

Shawn R. Coon
Laurence Parker
Racial evasion policy: University leadership responses to incidents of racism in the age of neoliberalism

Jyoti Raina
Teacher education for diversity in India: Socio-educational experiences of travel to a ‘margin’

Amanda Oliveira Rabelo
Maria Amélia Reis
António Gomes Ferreira
Male and Female Gender in Teaching: Between the Will to Progress and the Wish to teach Well- a Comparative Study of Portugal and Brazil

Geraldine Mooney Simmie
The Pied Piper of Neo Liberalism Continues to Call the Tune in the Republic of Ireland: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Education Policy Texts from 2012 to 2021

Naser Zabeli
Fjolla Kaçaniku
Policy analysis for mapping the discourse of inclusion in higher education system in Kosovo

Foued Ben Said
School dropout risk in Tunisia: Impact of facilities and neighborhood characteristics

Giana Bakanou
Greg William Misiaszek
Book Review Symposium: Spyros Themelis. (ed) (2021) Critical Reflections on the Language of Neoliberalism in Education. New York. Routledge. ISBN 9780367629564