Volume 8 Number 2 – December 2010

Anna-Carin Jonsson & Dennis Beach
Reproduction of social class in teacher education: The influence of scientific theories on future teachers

Petar Jandric
Wikipedia and education: anarchist perspectives and virtual practices

Periklis Pavlidis
Critical Thinking as Dialectics: a Hegelian-Marxist Approach

Andrew N. McKnight
A Pragmatic and pedagogically Minded Revaluation of Historical Materialism

Diana Mulinari & Anders Neergaard
The ‘others’ in Sweden. Neoliberal policies and the politics of ‘race’ in education

James Avis
Workplace learning, knowledge, practice and transformation

Imed Labidi
Arab Education Going Medieval: Sanitizing Western Representation in Arab Schools

Margaret Kennedy & Martin J. Power
‘The Smokescreen of meritocracy’: Elite Education in Ireland and the reproduction of class privilege

Magnus Dahlstedt & Mekonnen Tesfahuney
Speculative Pedagogy: Education, Entrepreneurialism and the Politics of Inclusion in Contemporary Sweden

Jean Leon Boucher
There Will be Struggle: The Development and Operational Issues of Social Justice Programs at State Universities in the United States of America

Knud Jensen & Dirk Michel-Schertges
Transforming of Educational Institutions after GATS

Donn Short
Conversations in Equity and Social Justice: Constructing Safe Schools for Queer Youth

Shahrzad Mojab
Pedagogical Possibilities of Class in Culture
Review of: Ebert, Teresa, L. and Mas

Samuel Day Fassbinder
Book Review: Nocella II, Anthony J., Steven Best, and Peter McLaren, eds. Academic Repression: Reflections from the Academic-Industrial Complex. Oakland CA: AK, 2010. Print.