Volume 9 Number 2 – November 2011

Grant Banfield
Looking for Marx: A Review of Marx and Education by Jean Anyon

Ken McGrew
On Being Holier-Than-Thou: A Critique of Curry Malott’s “Pseudo-Marxism and the Reformist Retreat from Revolution”

Gail Edwards
The Past and Future inside the Present: Dialectical Thinking and the Transformation of Teaching Education

Sarah S. Amsler
Revalorizing the Critical Attitude for Critical Education

Zachary A. Casey
Toward a Reconceptualization of Needs in Classrooms: Baudrillard, Critical Pedagogy, and Schooling in The United States

Arturo Rodriguez
Matthew David Smith
Reimagining Freirean Pedagogy: Sendero for Teacher Education

Andrew Armitage
Critical Pedagogy and Learning to Dialogue: Towards Reflexive Practice for Financial Management and Accounting Education

Carl-Ulrik Schierup
Aleksandra Ålund
From Paradoxes of Multiculturalism to Paradoxes of Liberalism. Sweden and the European Neo-Liberal Hegemony

Jennifer Esposito
Negotiating the Gaze and Learning the Hidden Curriculum: A Critical Race Analysis of the Embodiment of Female Students of Color at a Predominantly White Institution

Paul C. Mocombe
Role Conflict and Black Underachievement

Matthew David Smith
Arturo Rodriguez
A Critical Foundation for Bilingual Education

Brenda McMahon
The perpetuation of risk: Organizational and institutional policies and practices in a Title 1 school in the USA

Carlo Fanelli
James Meades
Austerity, Ontario and Post-Secondary Education: The Case of “Canada’s Capital University”

Chris Holligan
Kuang-Hsu Chiang
Browne’s Capgas Delusion: The Destruction of the Public University

Luiza Cortesão
Paulo Freire and Amilcar Cabral: convergences

Dulce Abigail Pérez-Aguilera
Leonardo E. Figueroa-Helland
Beyond Acculturation: Political “Change”, Indigenous Knowledges, and Intercultural Higher-Education in Mexico