Volume 11 Number 4 – November 2013

Curry Malott
Dave Hill
Grant Banfield
Neoliberalism, Immiseration Capitalism and the Historical Urgency of a Socialist Education

Mark Cresswell
Zulfia Karimova
Tom Brock
Pedagogy of the Privileged: Elite Universities and Dialectical Contradictions in the UK

José García and Noah De Lissovoy
Doing School Time: The Hidden Curriculum Goes to Prison

Roberto Ribeiro Baldino
Tânia Cristina Baptista Cabral
The productivity of students’ schoolwork: an exercise in Marxist rigour

Brad J. Porfilio
Debangshu Roychoudhury
Lauren Gardner
Ending the ‘War Against Youth:’ Social Media and Hip-Hop Culture as Sites of Resistance, Transformation and (Re) Conceptualization

Nisha Thapliyal
Reframing the public in public education: The Landless Workers Movement (MST) and adult education in Brazil

Dimitris Tsoubaris
Aleksandros Georgopoulos
Gauging the Potential of Socially Critical Environmental Education (EE): Examining Local Environmental problems through children’s perspective

Selda Polat
Neo-liberal education policies in Turkey and transformation in education

Dereje Tadesse Birbirso
Technology for Empowering or Subjugating Teachers: Analysis of Ethiopia’s Education Reform Discourse Practice

Sara Zamir
Tamar Horowitz
The manifestation of the value of patriotism among Israeli trainee teachers – natives and immigrants: how will they educate their pupils in the light of this value?

Ulas Ozer
The Song of the Other/ Public Space as a Learning Environment and Gypsy Musicians in Turkey

Alan Hodkinson
Inclusion ‘All present and correct?’ A critical analysis of New Labour’s inclusive education policy in England