Volume 19 Number 3 – Dec 2021-Jan 2022

Alpesh Maisuria
Inny Accioly
James D. Kirylo
Peter Mayo
Peter McLaren
Book Review Symposium: Walter Omar Kohan (2021) Paulo Freire: A Philosophical Biography [Translated by Jason Wozniak and Samuel D. Rocha]. Lndon: Bloomsbury Academic Publishing ISBN 978-1-3501-9598-1

Derek R. Ford
Maria Esposito
Aesthetic Encounters Beyond the Present: Historical Materialism and Sonic Pedagogies for Resisting Abstraction

Dave Hill
Class, Capitalism and Inequality: Schooling and Education in neo-liberal, neo-conservative and neo- fascist Covid times: a Classical Marxist critical analysis and activist programme

Amanda Oliveira Rabelo
The Importance of Narrative Inquiry in Education

Manu V Mathew
The Struggle Against the Citizenship Amendment Act in India: Recovering the Insurrectionary Praxis of Critical Pedagogy

Luis Arturo Ávila-Meléndez
Fabián Villalpando-Barragán
Jannete Andrea Aburto-Martínez
Teachers pro and con: Neoliberal educational reform in a rebellious and disadvantaged context

Jennifer Gale de Saxe
Unsettling the “White University”- Undermining Color-blindness through Critical Race Theory and Testimonio

Jani Pulkki
The Moral Problems of Economism in an Age of Eco-Crisis

Kirk S. Robinson
How Treating Prospective Undergraduate Students as Customers and Commodifying Postsecondary Education Led to Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Alienation in the Neoliberal Academy: A Personal Experience Narrative

Maria Chalari
Spaces and prospects for student empowerment in the debt-ridden Greek education system. Future possibilities for change according to student’s views

Dilnaz Boga
Rohit Ranjan
Presenting an alternative theoretical framework on Kashmir in the context of print media: From Ethnonationalism to Civic Nationalism

Brad Evans
How should we educate children about violence?

Nikolaos M. Oudatzis
Konstantinos D. Tzikas
The Right to Choose: Political Discourses, Ideological connotations and their impact on Reforms regarding the ‘entrance system’ to Higher  Education, in Greece

Lucilla da Silva
Hugo Morales Maroto
Kevin Magill
Book Review Symposium Moira Pérez and Gracia Trujillo-Barbadillo (eds.) (2020) Queer Epistemologies in Education. Luso-Hispanic Dialogues and Shared Horizons. London:Palgrave MacMillan, ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 3030503046, ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3030503048

Eleftheria Atta
Panagiotis Kanellopoulos
Yannis Pechtelidis
Book Review Symposium: Maria Chalari. (2020). Crisis, Austerity, and New Frameworks for Teaching and Learning. A Pedagogy of Hope for Contemporary Greek Education. New York. Routledge. ISBN 9780367728694