Volume 21 Number 3 – Dec 2023

Ben Johnson 
Steve Dixon
Andrew Edgar

The transformative potential of critical pedagogy for Education Studies students in interrogating neoliberalism

Peter W Shay 
Precluding Critical Pedagogy: Ethical Democracy and the Tyranny of Functional Metrics, Visible Learning, and Data Surveillance

John N Ponsaran
Employing Critical Place-Based Inquiry in the Media and Information Literacy Praxis: Preliminary Expositions and Propositions

Muharrem Demirdiş 
Pelin Taşkın
The private education dilemma: Why public school teachers are opting for alternative options for their children?

Marina Sounoglou 
Greek, Finnish and Danish curricula and their relation to the labor market: a critical approach

Marita Ljungqvist
Anders Sonesson
All that glitters is not gold: The depoliticization of social inequality in European education policy on ‘microcredentials’

Xiangyu Zeng
Investigating the Possibility of Change within the Transnational Higher Education in China Using a Freirean Study of the Promise of Critical Pedagogy

Susan Nelson
Jesus Jaime-Diaz
Book Review Symposium: Mike Cole Racism and The Tory Party: From Disraeli to Johnson (New York: Routledge, 2023), 490 pages, paperback. ISBN: 9781032056753

Avijit Pathak
Amrita Sastry
Mandvi Mishra
Book Review Symposium: Maya John (Ed), Debating Education in India: Issues and Concerns (New Delhi, Tulika Books, 2023), pp 300, Hardcover, ISBN- 978-81-956392-4-3

Simon Boxley 
Thinking the Revolution with Derek Ford: A Review Article

Jesus Jaime-Diaz
Aimée Azul Chávez
Book Review: Derek R. Ford Teaching the Actuality of Revolution: Aesthetics,Unlearning, and the Sensations of Struggle (Madison: Iskra Books, 2023), 158 pages, paperback. ISBN:13: 978-1-0880-7169-4