Volume 22 Number 1 – April 2024

Perttu Ahoketo 
Juha Suoranta
“This Building is Ours!” Student Activism Against the University’s Neoliberal Policy

Ravi Kumar
Pedagogy as Politics and Politics as Pedagogy: Rosa Luxemburg and Paulo Freire

John LaDue 
Information Literacy: Moving beyond critical to revolutionary

Patricia McGrath 
Examining the Impact of the Recognition of Irish Traveller Ethnic Minority Status on Education through the Lens of Nancy Fraser

Scott Ritchie
A Pedagogy of Solidarity: Resisting Capitalism’s Disabling Processes in a Primary Grade Classroom

Carlas McCauley 
A Critical Policy Analysis: Making the Case for Equitable Collaborations in Resource Allocation Processes Post – Pandemic

Shivani Nag
Manasi Thapliyal Navani
The Digital University: Imaginations around the pedagogic space for the marginalised

Alejandro Vassiliades
Teaching work and equality in the official pedagogic discourse in Argentina (2003–2019)

e.c. (anonymous) 
Alternative Higher Education in Kachinland under the Shadow of Hierarchy

Ermira Alija
Migena Selcetaj
Political influence in primary education texts (1946-1986) affecting pupils’ personality development

Ayhan Ural 
Merve Alpaydın Üreten
An Analysis of Social Class Representations in the 9th-Grade English Textbook Used in Türkiye

Kemal İnal
Argumentation in Religious Education- An Analysis on German Islamic Religion Textbooks