Volume 13 Number 3 – December 2015

Tom G. Griffiths
Editorial: Critical Education, Critical Pedagogies, Marxist Education

Grant Banfield
Marx and Education: working with the revolutionary educator

Kemal İnal
The origins of revolutionary critical education in Turkey

Dierdre O’Neill
Radical Pedagogy, Prison, and Film

Gail Edwards
Joyce Canaan
Radical, critical and Marxist education in neoliberal Britain

Simon Boxley
Critical Education Studies

Jean Ann Foley
Doug Morris
Panayota Gounari
Faith Agostinone-Wilson
Critical Education, Critical Pedagogies, Marxist Education in the United States

Roberto Leher
Paolo Vittoria

Social movements and critical pedagogy in Brazil: From the origins of popular education to the proposal of a Permanent Forum

Tom G. Griffiths
Critical education for systemic change: A world-systems analysis perspective

Maura Duffy
State-led education for democratic socialism: Venezuela’s Education Missions

Rosa María Massón Cruz
A Marxist Focus on Comparative Education in Cuba

Sona Kazemi
Book Review: Marxism and Feminism Edited by Shahrzad Mojab

Geraldine Mooney Simmie
Book Review: Pedagogy of Insurrection, by Peter McLaren.
McLaren’s Pedagogy of Insurrection and the Global Murder Machine in Education in ‘Austerity Ireland’