Volume 13 Number 2 – October 2015

Periklis Pavlidis
Social consciousness, education and transformative activity

Dave Hill
Christine Lewis
Alpesh Maisuria
Patrick Yarker
Julia Carr
Neoliberal and Neoconservative Immiseration Capitalism in England: Policies and Impacts on Society and on Education

Curry Malott
Derek R. Ford
Contributions to a Marxist Critical Pedagogy of Becoming: Centering the Critique of the Gotha Programme: Part Two

Philippa Hall
Labour Subjectivities for the new world of work: A critique of government policy on the integration of entrepreneurialism in the university curriculum.

Elisabeth Simbuerger
Mike Neary
Free Education! A “Live” Report on the Chilean Student Movement 2011-2014 – reform or revolution? [A Political Sociology for Action]

Amanda Oliveira Rabelo
Graziela Raupp Pereira
Maria Amélia Reis
Sex Education as a Transversal Subject

Lois Weiner
Democracy, critical education, and teachers unions: Connections and contradictions in the neoliberal epoch

Melanie Lawrence
Beyond the Neoliberal Imaginary: Investigating the Role of Critical Pedagogy in Higher Education

Conor Heaney
What is the University today?

Shawgi Tell
Can a Charter School Not be a Charter School?

Ş. Erhan Bagci
Decline of Meritocracy: Neo-feudal Segregation in Turkey

Declan McKenna
Policy over Procedure: A look at the School Completion Programme in Ireland. Is this State led educational intervention for disadvantaged children merely philanthropic and can current Global and National Neo Liberal Policy trends in Education be overcome?

Daniel B. Saunders
Resisting Excellence: Challenging Neoliberal Ideology in Postsecondary Education