Volume 14 Number 1 – March 2016

Zane C. Wubbena 
Becoming Through Revolutionary Pedagogy: An Interview with Curry Malott and Derek R. Ford  

Aygülen Kayahan Karakul
Student Resistance Culture against School Values: An Ethnographic Research 

Oskar Szwabowski
The grey faces of academic workers: On the non-emancipatory resistance of Polish humanists to the edu-factory reform of academia

Jennifer Fitzner 
Back to the Dark Ages: Neoliberalism and The Decline of Labor 

David Kitchener
How much longer can we afford the free school debacle? State sponsored neoliberalism and the myths of choice 

Guillermo Foladori
Fictitious Science

Lars Dahlström
An autobiographical narrative towards Critical Practitioner Inquiry and a counter hegemonic southern network

Roberto Montoya
Cheryl E. Matias
Naomi W.M. Nishi
Geneva L. Sarcedo
Words are wind: using Du Bois and Bourdieu to ‘unveil’ the capricious nature of gifted and talented programs

Matt Grigorieff
Dispossessing Educational Equity: A Critical Exploration of California’s Community College Student Success Act

Antonio Jose Müller
César Augusto Rossatto
The Politics of Body Capital within Neoliberal Social Reproduction Systems: Freirean Critical Pedagogy Principles in Brazilian Schools

Maggie FitzGerald Murphy
An Ode to Stuart Hall’s “The Supply of Demand:” The Case of Post-Secondary Education in Ontario Fifty Years Later

Spyros Themelis
Stephen Cowden
Inny Accioly 

Book Symposium on Curry Malott and Derek Ford (2015) Marx, Capital and Education: Towards a Critical Pedagogy of Becoming. New York: Peter Lang

Liz Atkins
Paul Warmington
Vicky Duckworth
Book Symposium on James Avis (2015) Social Justice, Transformation and Knowledge: policy, workplace learning and skills. Abingdon/New York Routledge

Samuel Day Fassbinder
Book Review: Peter McLaren (2014) Life in Schools. 6th edition. Boulder CO: Paradigm.

Kevin Russel Magill
Book Review: Peter McLaren (2015) Pedagogy of Insurrection: From Resurrection to Revolution. New York: Peter Lang.