Volume 15 Number 2 – October 2017

Alpesh Maisuria
Dennis Beach
Gail Edwards
Spyros Themelis

Critical Realism for Marxist Sociology of Education, Grant Banfield (2016): A Book Review Symposium

Louise M Prendergast
Dave Hill
Sharon Jones

Social Exclusion, Education and Precarity: neoliberalism, neoconservatism and class war from above

Tim Rudd
Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF): Re-examining its Logic and Considering Possible Systemic and Institutional Outcomes

Juan R. Rodríguez Fernández
Enrique J. Díez Gutiérrez

Education for the Poor in the Neoliberal Era: Socio-Educational Programmes to combat poverty in Spain

Bill Templer
The Critical Pedagogical Potential of Using Jacob A. Riis’ Works about the Poor in New York City

Maria Chalari
Hope for a different kind of pedagogy in Greece in times of crisis

Julio Cammarota
Youth Participatory Action Research: A Pedagogy of Transformational Resistance for Critical Youth Studies

Jennifer Fitzner
Neoliberalism and Illusion: The Importance of Preparing Students to Live in the 21st Century

Hope Pius Nudzor
An analytical review of the changing facets of Ghana’s education policy discourse(s)

Leander P. Marquez
Critical Thinking in Philippine Education: What We Have and What We Need

Declan Mc Kenna
Geraldine Mooney Simmie

From Dialogue to Governance: Critical Analysis of the School Completion Programme in the Republic of Ireland from 2002 to 2016

Volume 15 Number 1 – March 2017

Steve Hanson
Putting the epistemology back: writing against ontology in HE philosophy

Esraa Al-Muftah
Qatari Women in a Corporatized Higher Education Setting: International Reforms and their Local Bearings

Andrew Skourdoumbis
Teacher Quality, Teacher Effectiveness And The Diminishing Returns Of Current Education Policy Expressions

Jesslyn Hollar
Speaking about Education Reform: Constructing Failure to Legitimate Entrepreneurial Reforms of Teacher Preparation

Claire Meehan
“Junkies, Wasters and Thieves”: School-Based Drug Education and the Stigmatisation of People Who Use Drugs

Arthur Taylor
Perspectives on the University as a Business: the Corporate Management Structure, Neoliberalism and Higher Education

Izabela Skórzyńska
Edyta Głowacka–Sobiech
Iwona Chmura–Rutkowska

The critical orientation in research on historical school narrative and its relation with the history of women

Damien Shortt
Tim Cain
Helena Knapton
Jill McKenzie

How to be Good: Behaviour Management Policies in 36 Secondary Schools

Nigel Brissett
Radhika Mitter

For function or transformation? A critical discourse analysis of education under the Sustainable Development Goals

Goran Puaca
Christer Theandersson
Margareta Carlén

Resisting consumerist rationalities in higher vocational education

Caglar Deniz
Reconceptualization Sexuality and Rethinking Homophobia in Metropolitan Campus Spaces

Hugo Augusto Vasconcelos Medeiros
Ruy de Deus e Mello Neto
Afrânio Mendes Catani

Educational democracy in graduate education: Public policies and affirmative action

Juha Suoranta,
Robert FitzSimmons

Towards Real Utopias in Higher Education

Volume 14 Number 3 – December 2016

Dave Hill
Christine Lewis
Alpesh Maisuria
Patrick Yarker
James Hill

Conservative Education Reloaded: Policy, Ideology and Impacts in England

Hana Cervinkova
Producing Homogeneity as a Historical Tradition. Neo-conservatism, Precarity and Citizenship Education in Poland

Danny Dorling
Sally Tomlinson
The Creation of Inequality: Myths of Potential and Ability

Robert Phillipson
Native speakers in linguistic imperialism

Anna Dillon
An exploration of linguistic neo-colonialism through educational language policy – an Irish perspective

Petar Jandrić
Astra Taylor

Unschoolers of the world, unwork! Grassroots lessons and strategies against 21st century capitalism

Pau Bori
Jelena Petanović

Constructing the entrepreneurial-self: How Catalan textbooks present the neoliberal worker to their students

Jyoti Raina
Teacher Education and Inclusionary Practices: Sharing Delhi University Experiences

Paulette Luff
Mallika Kanyal
Mansur Shehu
Nicola Brewis

Educating the youngest citizens – possibilities for early childhood education and care, in England

Magdalena Kuleta-Hulboj
The global citizen as an agent of change: Ideals of the global citizen in the narratives of Polish NGO employees

Magdalena Matysek-Imielińska
Educational Civil Experiment – a Story of a Particular Radical Housing Estate

Monika Popow
Isidora Sáez-Rosenkranz

Educational struggles and citizenship education. The case of Poland

Marta Zahorska
Education – civic, national or… none

Volume 14 Number 2 – August 2016

Debbie Sonu
Julie Gorlewski
Daniel Vallée

Editorial: Learn, by listening to the child in neoliberal schools

Pamela J. Hickey
“They Always Keep Us in Line”: Neoliberalism and Elementary Emergent Bilinguals

María Isabel Morales
There is space to play! Mexican American Children of Immigrants Learning With(in) Cherry Orchards

Kate Phillippo
Briellen Griffin

“If you don’t score high enough, then that’s your fault”:
Student civic dispositions in the context of competitive school choice policy

High School Youth
Variations on a life in bars

Jim Burns
Jaime Nolan
Ernest Weston, Jr. (Oglala Lakota)
Amanda Malcolm (Oneida)

Indigenous education, colonization, neoliberal schools, and narratives of survivance

Nataly Z. Chesky
Rebecca A. Goldstein

Whispers that echo: Girls’ experiences and voices in news media reports about STEM education reform

Julie Gorlewski
“Say what they want to hear”: Students’ Perceptions of Writing in a Working-Class High School

Jessica Ruglis
Daniel Vallée

Student disengagement as/and unfairness: Re-reading schools through photos

Claudia Diera
Democratic possibilities for student voice within schools undergoing reform: A student counterpublic case study

Volume 14 Number 1 – March 2016

Zane C. Wubbena 
Becoming Through Revolutionary Pedagogy: An Interview with Curry Malott and Derek R. Ford  

Aygülen Kayahan Karakul
Student Resistance Culture against School Values: An Ethnographic Research 

Oskar Szwabowski
The grey faces of academic workers: On the non-emancipatory resistance of Polish humanists to the edu-factory reform of academia

Jennifer Fitzner 
Back to the Dark Ages: Neoliberalism and The Decline of Labor 

David Kitchener
How much longer can we afford the free school debacle? State sponsored neoliberalism and the myths of choice 

Guillermo Foladori
Fictitious Science

Lars Dahlström
An autobiographical narrative towards Critical Practitioner Inquiry and a counter hegemonic southern network

Roberto Montoya
Cheryl E. Matias
Naomi W.M. Nishi
Geneva L. Sarcedo
Words are wind: using Du Bois and Bourdieu to ‘unveil’ the capricious nature of gifted and talented programs

Matt Grigorieff
Dispossessing Educational Equity: A Critical Exploration of California’s Community College Student Success Act

Antonio Jose Müller
César Augusto Rossatto
The Politics of Body Capital within Neoliberal Social Reproduction Systems: Freirean Critical Pedagogy Principles in Brazilian Schools

Maggie FitzGerald Murphy
An Ode to Stuart Hall’s “The Supply of Demand:” The Case of Post-Secondary Education in Ontario Fifty Years Later

Spyros Themelis
Stephen Cowden
Inny Accioly 

Book Symposium on Curry Malott and Derek Ford (2015) Marx, Capital and Education: Towards a Critical Pedagogy of Becoming. New York: Peter Lang

Liz Atkins
Paul Warmington
Vicky Duckworth
Book Symposium on James Avis (2015) Social Justice, Transformation and Knowledge: policy, workplace learning and skills. Abingdon/New York Routledge

Samuel Day Fassbinder
Book Review: Peter McLaren (2014) Life in Schools. 6th edition. Boulder CO: Paradigm.

Kevin Russel Magill
Book Review: Peter McLaren (2015) Pedagogy of Insurrection: From Resurrection to Revolution. New York: Peter Lang.

Volume 13 Number 3 – December 2015

Tom G. Griffiths
Editorial: Critical Education, Critical Pedagogies, Marxist Education

Grant Banfield
Marx and Education: working with the revolutionary educator

Kemal İnal
The origins of revolutionary critical education in Turkey

Dierdre O’Neill
Radical Pedagogy, Prison, and Film

Gail Edwards
Joyce Canaan
Radical, critical and Marxist education in neoliberal Britain

Simon Boxley
Critical Education Studies

Jean Ann Foley
Doug Morris
Panayota Gounari
Faith Agostinone-Wilson
Critical Education, Critical Pedagogies, Marxist Education in the United States

Roberto Leher
Paolo Vittoria

Social movements and critical pedagogy in Brazil: From the origins of popular education to the proposal of a Permanent Forum

Tom G. Griffiths
Critical education for systemic change: A world-systems analysis perspective

Maura Duffy
State-led education for democratic socialism: Venezuela’s Education Missions

Rosa María Massón Cruz
A Marxist Focus on Comparative Education in Cuba

Sona Kazemi
Book Review: Marxism and Feminism Edited by Shahrzad Mojab

Geraldine Mooney Simmie
Book Review: Pedagogy of Insurrection, by Peter McLaren.
McLaren’s Pedagogy of Insurrection and the Global Murder Machine in Education in ‘Austerity Ireland’

Volume 13 Number 2 – October 2015

Periklis Pavlidis
Social consciousness, education and transformative activity

Dave Hill
Christine Lewis
Alpesh Maisuria
Patrick Yarker
Julia Carr
Neoliberal and Neoconservative Immiseration Capitalism in England: Policies and Impacts on Society and on Education

Curry Malott
Derek R. Ford
Contributions to a Marxist Critical Pedagogy of Becoming: Centering the Critique of the Gotha Programme: Part Two

Philippa Hall
Labour Subjectivities for the new world of work: A critique of government policy on the integration of entrepreneurialism in the university curriculum.

Elisabeth Simbuerger
Mike Neary
Free Education! A “Live” Report on the Chilean Student Movement 2011-2014 – reform or revolution? [A Political Sociology for Action]

Amanda Oliveira Rabelo
Graziela Raupp Pereira
Maria Amélia Reis
Sex Education as a Transversal Subject

Lois Weiner
Democracy, critical education, and teachers unions: Connections and contradictions in the neoliberal epoch

Melanie Lawrence
Beyond the Neoliberal Imaginary: Investigating the Role of Critical Pedagogy in Higher Education

Conor Heaney
What is the University today?

Shawgi Tell
Can a Charter School Not be a Charter School?

Ş. Erhan Bagci
Decline of Meritocracy: Neo-feudal Segregation in Turkey

Declan McKenna
Policy over Procedure: A look at the School Completion Programme in Ireland. Is this State led educational intervention for disadvantaged children merely philanthropic and can current Global and National Neo Liberal Policy trends in Education be overcome?

Daniel B. Saunders
Resisting Excellence: Challenging Neoliberal Ideology in Postsecondary Education

Volume 13 Number 1 – June 2015

Marcus Hawel
Stefan Kalmring
Political learning processes. On the difficult role of critical intellectuals in social movements

Rubén Arriazu Muñoz
European Education Policy: A Historical and Critical Approach to Understanding the Impact of Neoliberalism in Europe

Aline Courtois
Theresa O’Keefe
Precarity in the ivory cage: Neoliberalism and casualisation of work in the Irish higher education sector

Roberto Ribeiro Baldino
Tânia Cristina Baptista Cabral
Profitability of qualified-labour-power production

Kevin D. Lam
Theories of Racism, Asian American Identities, and a Materialist Critical Pedagogy

Naciye Aksoy
The Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorship Illusion of the Commercial Companies in Public Elementary Schools of Turkey

Mehmet Saglam
12th September Coup d’état and the Media in the Narratives of the Primary School Students as Their Educational Experiences in the 1980s’ Turkey

Maria Ron-Balsera
Are schools promoting social and economic integration of migrant and ethnic minorities? The experiences of some young people of Ecuadorian background in Spain

Tarık Soydan
Being a Teacher in the East of Turkey

Robert FitzSimmons
Countering the neoliberal paradigm: A Pedagogy of the Heart from a Finnish Higher Learning Perspective

Brenda McMahon
Seeing Strengths in a Rural School: Educators’ Conceptions of Individual and Environmental Resilience Factors

Dr. Haggith Gor Ziv
Education of Deaf Children in Israel: A case of marginalizing a minority group

Volume 12 Number 3 – Dec 2014 / Jan 2015

Cassie Earl
Making Hope Possible: An exploration of moving popular Pedagogy Forward in Neoliberal Times from the Streets to the University

Simon Boxley
Lenin’s Lessons on schooling for the left in the UK

Vasillios Arvanitis
The Function of Public Education Systems in times of Recession: The Case of Greece (2008-2014)

Curry Malott
Derek R. Ford
Contributions to a Marxist Critical Pedagogy of Becoming: Centering the Critique of the Gotha Programme: Part One

Marcus Eckelt
Guido Schmidt
Learning to be precarious – The transition of young people from school into precarious work in Germany

Fevziye Sayılan
Some Critical Reflections on Lifelong Learning Policy in Turkey

Engin Atasay
Neoliberal Multiculturalism Embedded in Social Justice Education: Commodification of Multicultural Education for the 21st Century

Kevin Magill
Arturo Rodriguez
A Critical Humanist Curriculum

César Rossatto
Global Activism and Social Transformation vis-à-vis Dominant Forms of Economic Organization: Critical Education within Afro-Brazilian and Transnational Pedagogical Praxis

George Grollios
Anastasios Liambas
Critical approaches to Critical Pedagogy in Greece

Güliz Akkaymak
Neoliberal Ideology in Primary School Social Studies Textbooks in Turkey

Josh Cuevas
Hispanic Acculturation in the U.S.: Examining the Relationship Between Americans’ Ethnocentricity and Education

Ashlee Anderson
Brittany Aronson
Scott Ellison
Sherrie Fairchild-Keyes
Pushing Up Against the Limit-Horizon of Educational Change: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Popular Education Reform Texts

Volume 12 Number 2 – August 2014

Curry Malott
Contributions to a Marxist Critical Pedagogy: Revisiting Marx’s Humanism

Tanner Mirrlees
Shahid Alvi
Taylorizing Academia, Deskilling Professors and Automating Higher Education: The Recent Role of MOOCs

Lars Dahlström
John Nyambe
Case Studies of Teacher Education Forces in the Global South: Pedagogical possibilities when the main door is closed

Remy Yi Siang Low
Between Bethan and Me: A dialogue on the uncertain promise of education, precarious employment and what it means to be productive

Sardar M. Anwaruddin
Educational Neocolonialism and the World Bank: A Rancièrean Reading

Angelo Letizia
Radical Servant Leadership: A New Practice of Public Education Leadership in the Post-Industrial Age

Maria Olson
Magnus Dahlstedt
Citizen formation for a new millennium in Sweden – a prognosis of our time

James Avis
Austerity and Modernisation, One Nation Labour – Localism, the Economy and Vocational Education and Training in England

Gülay Aslan
Neo-liberal Transformation in Turkish Higher Education System: A New Story of a Turning Point: Draft Proposition on the Higher Education Law

Mark Wolfmeyer
‘Math for America’ Isn’t

Fred Harris
John Dewey’s Dual Theory of Inquiry and Its Value for the Creation of an Alternative Curriculum

Kemal Inal
Güliz Akkaymak
Deniz Yıldırım
The Constructivist Curriculum Reform in Turkey in 2004–In fact what is constructed?

Ambissa Keana
Adult Basic Literacy in Ethiopia 

Ingrid Henning Loeb
Karin Lumsden Wass
A Policy of Individualization and Flexibility Ignoring the Situation of Non-self-Reliant Individuals: The Example of Swedish Basic Adult Education