Volume 7 Number 1 – June 2009

Michael Viola
The Filipinization of Critical Pedagogy: Widening the Scope of Critical Educational Theory

Mike Cole
On ‘white supremacy’ and caricaturing, misrepresenting and dismissing Marx and Marxism: a response to David Gillborn’s ‘Who’s Afraid of Critical Race Theory in Education’

Guy Senese and Gerald Wood
‘Like the Other Kings Have:’ a theory of sovereignty and the persistence of inequality in education

Helena Sheehan
Contradictory transformations: observations on the intellectual dynamics of South African universities

Anastasia Liasidou
Critical Policy Research and Special Education Policymaking: A Policy Trajectory Approach

Antoinette Errante
Structure, Agency and Cultural Capital as Control over Knowledge Production in Policy Formation: Mozambique

Angela C. de Siqueira
Higher Education Reform in Brazil: Reinforcing Marketization

Pierre W. Orelus
Beyond Political Rhetoric and Discourse: What type of educational, socio- economic, and political change should educators expect of President Barack Obama?

Sara Zamir and Sara Hauphtman
The portrayal of the Jewish figure in Literary Texts Included in the Present Matriculation Curriculum in Hebrew for Students of the Arab Sector in Israel

Phoebe Moore
UK Education, Employability, and Everyday Life

Rebecca A. Goldstein and Andrew R. Beutel
‘Soldier of Democracy’ or ‘Enemy of the State’? The rhetorical construction of teacher through ‘No Child Left Behind’

Stephen Philion
Is Race Really Controversial in the University Classroom?

Michelle Early Torregano and Patrick Shannon
Educational Greenfield: A Critical Policy Analysis of Plans to Transform New Orleans Public Schools

Dennis Beach and Margata Carlen
New partnerships

Rodolfo Leyva
No Child Left Behind: A Neoliberal Repackaging of Social Darwinism

Ioannis Efstathiou
Enhancing Students’ Critical Awareness in a Second Chance School in Greece: Reality or Wishful Thinking?

Mompati Mino Polelo
The Small State, Markets and Tertiary Education Reform in a Globalised Knowledge Economy: Decoding Policy Texts in Botswana