Volume 21 Number 2 – Sep 2023

Dave Hill 
Marxist Critical Policy Analysis (MCPA) of Education Policy as opposed to Traditional Policy Analysis (TPA) and Critical Policy Analysis (CPA): What it is and What it does, Why and in Whose interests

Patricia McGrath 
Examining Social Justice, Inclusion and the Experiences of Low-income students in Ireland, through the lens of Nancy Fraser

Kyoung-oh Song
Bo-Young Kwon
Re-thinking Democracy of Higher Education in South Korea: Challenges and Prospects

Oliver McGarr
Educational inequality and the reproductive nature of schooling in Irish second-level education: exploring the influence of the wider political context

Darren Cogavin 
The Lancaster University Teach-Outs: Experiments in Radical Pedagogies and Reimagining the University

Jane Booth 
Desperate for Social Innovation: The case for the community-based University

Gunjan Sharma
Sunita Singh
Locating Children’s Right to Education in India’s National Education Policy 2020

Maria Menegaki
Education for a Segregated Society? An Ethnographic Approach to Educational Change in Catalonia