Volume 5 Number 2 – November 2007

Terry Wrigley
Rethinking Education in an Era of Globalisation

Dave Hill and Simon Boxley
Critical Teacher Education for Economic, Environmental and Social Justice: an Ecosocialist Manifesto

Richard Hatcher
‘Yes, but how do we get there?’ Alternative visions and the problem of strategy

Valerie Scatamburlo-D’Annibale (1), Ghada Chehade (1), Richard Kahn (2), Clayton Pierce (2) and Sheila L. Macrine (3)
Review Symposium:Pedagogy and Praxis in the Age of Empire: Toward a new Humanism
by Peter McLaren and Nathalia Jaramillo
AW Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers, 2007. Pp. 206
ISBN: 978-90-77874-84-4

Rich Gibson, Greg Queen, E. Wayne Ross and Kevin Vinson
“I Participate, You Participate, We Participate … They Profit,”
Notes on Revolutionary Educational Activism to Transcend Capital: The Rouge Forum

Wayne Au
Epistemology of the Oppressed: The Dialectics of Paulo Freire’s Theory of Knowledge

Bill Templer
Educational Geopolitics and the ‘Settler University’ in Ariel

Jill Pinkney Pastrana
Subtle Tortures of the Neo-liberal Age: Teachers, Students, and the Political Economy of Schooling in Chile

Amy Salmon
Dis/Abling States, Dis/Abling Citizenship: Young Aboriginal Mothers and the Medicalization of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Paul Carr
Experiencing Democracy Through Neoliberalism: The Role of Social Justice in Democratic Education

Nikos M. Georgiadis
Educational Reforms in Greece (1959 – 1997) and Human Capital Theory

Anastasios Liambas, Christos Tourtouras and Ioannis Kaskaris
Socio-cultural appraisals on the Greek non-compulsory secondary education: An analysis on the education provided for the immigrant foreign and the repatriated pupils

David Greene
Gatekeepers: The Role of Adult Education Practitioners and Programs in Social Control

Park, Hyu-Yong
Emerging Consumerism and the Accelerated ‘Education Divide’: The Case of Specialized High Schools in South Korea

Yasemin Esen
Sexism in School Textbooks Prepared under Education Reform in Turkey

Dr. Steven Best, Dr. Peter McLaren and Anthony J. Nocella, II
Revolutionary Peacemaking: Using a Critical Pedagogy Approach for Peacemaking with “Terrorists”[1]

Jurjo Torres Santomé
Performance indicators as a strategy for counter-reformist change in educational policy