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The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies (JCEPS) is a double-blind peer-reviewed international scholarly journal published by The Institute for Education Policy Studies (IEPS). The free, online version is published in association with the Kapodistrian and National University of Athens (Greece). JCEPS has three issues per annum, as from 2013, prior to that, since March 2003, there were two issues per annum. The journal website is Enquiries should be addressed to and copied to

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The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies (JCEPS) seeks to develop Marxist and other Left analyses and critiques of education. JCEPS seeks and publishes articles that critique global, national, neo-liberal, neo-conservative, neo-Fascist, New Labour, Third Way, postmodernist and other analyses of policy developments, as well as those that attempt to report on, analyse and develop Socialist/ Marxist transformative policy for schooling and education from a number of Radical Left perspectives, including Freirean, Communist, Marxist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic perpsectives. JCEPS addresses issues of social class, ‘race’, gender, sexual orientation, disability and capital/ism; critical pedagogies, new public managerialism and academic/ non-academic labour, and empowerment/ disempowerment.

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Volume 19 Number 1 – May 2021


Viviane Alves de Oliveira Feitosa
Antônio Marley de Araújo Stedile
Maria Cleide da Silva Barroso
Raphael Alves Feitosa
Moisey Pistrak (1888-1937) and the Unified Labour School: Analysis of Soviet Pedagogical Thinking for the Education of the Homo Novus

Ay Salem
Sand in the Academic Industrial Machine: Joyce Canaan’s Sociological Practice

Juha Suoranta
Tuukka Tomperi
Is There a Nordic Freire? The Reception History of Freirian Ideas in Finland

Tomasz Leś
Jacek Moroz
More Critical Thinking in Critical Thinking Concepts (?): A Constructivist Point of View

Miguel Martín-Sánchez
Laura Casares-Ávila
Jorge Cáceres-Muñoz
Education and Consumption: a critical perspective

James Avis
Beyond Neo-Liberalism a New Settlement – Three Crises and Post-Secondary Education

Zahra Kemiche
Christian Beighton
“It’s like very white winged”: students’ perceptions of the image and reality of Internationalisation in UK Higher Education

Benjamin Zonca
Josh Ambrosy
The expendable teacher in COVID-19 times: A poetic inquiry into the reconfiguration of governmentality in Victorian schools

Alisson Slider do Nascimento de Paula
The Learning-Market Of Edtech In Brazilian Education: The Impacts Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On The Educational Sector

Birgül Ulutaş
Academic Identity & Academic Labour in the Neoliberal Knowledge Production Process: The Example of Ankara’s Technocities

Leonardo Carnut
Neo-fascism and the public university: the Brazilian conjuncture in the Bolsonaro government

Amanda Oliveira Rabelo
Graziela Raupp Pereira
Maria Amelia Reis
Antonio Ferreira
Sex Education as a Transversal Subject

Kyle Kopsick
The coloniality of Cambridge International in present-day Africa: An overview and call for research