Volume 21 Number 1 – Apr 2023

Manolis Dafermos  
The neoliberal transformation of university and restructuring of academic labour

Hakkı Toy 
Academics as Interpellated: A hermeneutic study of the limits of academic identity

Alexandra Szarka 
How did vocational students become an economic interest? Media representation of Hungarian VET

Nji Clement Bang
Henry Asei Kum
Reforming Education through the Lenses of Competence-based Education: A Marxist critique

Heidi T. Katz
E. O. Acquah
Tackling racial equity in U.S. schools: A critical policy analysis of enacted state legislation (2020-2022)

Yael Cohen-Azaria
Sara Zamir
Through Israeli-Arab students’ perspective: The choice and influence of higher education studies in Education at a Jewish college

Monika Merket
‘Pedagogic Schizoid Identity’: A Comparative Analysis of Policy in an Integrated Teacher Education Program in Norway and OECD Policy

Laurence Piper
Karl Dahlquist
Fredrik Sunnemark
Learning for utopia: from banal to critical Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)

Fahriye Hayırsever 
Gender representation in children’s programming on Turkish television: A public, private mass media analysis of the popular cartoon, Pepee

Chris Holligan 
Educational Research Governance Politics: A critical discourse analysis of policy

Eda Yılmaz
Turkish Public Higher Education and Its Problems Under the Neoliberal Depredation