Volume 11 Number 2 – March 2013

Brad J. Porfilio and Julie Gorlewski
Editorial: An International Examination of Teacher Education: Exposing and Resisting the Neoliberal Agenda

Joyce E Canaan
Resisting the English Neoliberalising University: What Critical Pedagogy can offer

Biljana Samoukovic
Democracy in the Global World; from Dewey’s Educational Aims for Social Efficiency to Educating a Global Mind

Sue Books and Rian de Villiers
Importing Educators and Redefining what it means to be a Teacher in the U.S.

Amy Brown
Waiting for Superwoman: White Female Teachers and the Construction of the “Neoliberal Savior” in a New York City Public School

Cecilie Rønning Haugen
Comparing the OECD’s and Norway’s Orientation to Equity in their Teacher Education Policies: Teacher Autonomy under Attack?

P. L. Thomas
Corporate Education Reform and the Rise of State Schools

Stephen Vassallo
Resistance to Self-Regulated Learning Pedagogy in an Urban Classroom: A Critique of Neoliberalism

Jenifer Crawford Lima
The Possibilities and Constraints of Three Teachers’ Perspectives and Enactment of Critical Praxis in Public Schools

Eve Tuck
Neoliberalism as Nihilism? A Commentary on Educational Accountability, Teacher Education, and School Reform