Volume 9 Number 1 – May 2011

Curry Stephenson Malott
Pseudo-Marxism and the Reformist Retreat from Revolution: A Critical Essay Review of Marx and Education

Vicki Macris
The Ideological Conditions of Social Reproduction

Maria Nikolakaki
Critical pedagogy and democracy: cultivating the democratic ethos

Nathalia Jaramillo
Dialogic Action for Critical Democracy

Steven Colatrella
Nothing Exceptional: Against Agamben

Graeme Martin and Nick Peim
Cross-border higher education, who profits?

Tristan Bunnell
Post-16 curriculum provision in England: the emerging functional ‘triage’ serving Capital’s needs

Chris Arthur
Financial Literacy in Ontario: Neoliberalism, Pierre Bourdieu and the Citizen

Stefan Wolf, Felipe A. Hernández Penton, Anna Lidia Beltrán Marin & Osvaldo Romero
The Cuban Vocational Education and Training System and its Current Changes

Scott H. Boyd
The Spread of Neoliberalism in US Community Colleges: TQM Accreditation, “Consumers,” and Corporate Sponsored Non-Profits

Timothy Scott
A Nation at Risk to Win the Future: The State of Public Education in the U.S.

Richard Lakes
Work-Ready Testing: Education and Employability in Neoliberal Times

Katri Komulainen, Päivi Naskali, Maija Korhonen & Seija Keskitalo-Foley
Internal Entrepreneurship – a Trojan horse of the neoliberal governance of education? Finnish pre- and in-service teachers’ implementation of and resistance towards entrepreneurship education

Jeffrey Bale
Language Education and Imperialism: The Case of Title VI and Arabic, 1958-1991

Imed Labidi
Terrorism, Violence, and the Collision of Masculinities in Four Lions