Volume 20 Number 2 – July 2022

Luis Arboledas-Lérida
A critical assessment on the potentialities and limitations of a Marxian-informed approach to teaching/learning activities

Vinícius Neves de Cabral
A Marxist Approach to Disability: Notes on Marx’s Relative Surplus Population

Ícaro Franca Bastos
Manoela Barbosa Pinto
Simone Silveira Amorim
Tricia M. Kress
Culture and Language: Critical Interculturalism and Multiculturalism alongside with socio and emotional intelligences in language learning

Sara Zamir
Reham Alkrenawy
Integrating Bedouin Children into a Kibbutz Kindergarten: Maintaining Genuine Co-Existence or Preserving the Old Order?

Scott Ellison
Crisis, Mutant Neoliberalism, & Critical Education Policy Analysis

Sally Welsh
The 2019 Chicago Teachers’ Union Strike: meeting student needs analysed through Nancy Fraser’s ‘politics of need interpretation’

Louisa Dawes
Mediating ‘authorised’ pedagogies in high poverty classrooms: navigating policy and practice in an era of neoliberal and neoconservative educational reform

Kevin Russell Magill
Arturo Rodriguez
Reframing Violence, Power, and Education

María Begoña Vigo-Arrazola
Belén Dieste
Ana Cristina Blasco-Serrano
Education Recommendations for Inclusive Education from the National Arena in Spain. Less poetry and more facts

Janine Aldous Arantes
eMorpheus: The unconscious human labour of producing commercial data in educational settings

Daniel Sparks
School Board Privatization: A Case Study of NYC Charter Schools

Sara Mirza
9/11, Language, Islam, and the Arrogance of Ignorance

Nichole Rivale-Bell
Equity Centered Leadership of Principals Who Narrowed the Race-Based Academic Achievement Gap

Yamilda Arias Verdecia
Leticia de las Mercedes García Rosabal
Rosi Smith
The impact of COVID-19 on the education of Cuban university students

Manuel Joseph Ellul
Kurt Borg
Massimilano Tarozzi
Maria Nikolakaki
Book Review Symposium: Peter Mayo and Paolo Vittoria, (2021) Critical Education in International Perspective. London and New York. Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN HB: 978-1-3501-4775-1