Volume 20 Number 1 – Special Latin American Edition – Apr 2022

Aldo Ocampo González
Genoveva Ponce Naranjo
Editorial: Literacy and oppositional consciousness: subversive subjectivities and ontological disorders from other worlds

Moira Pérez
Can academia be decolonized beyond the metaphor?

Fabiana Parra
Materialist Intersectionality and Situated Critical Genealogies. Towards an Epistemic-Political Rupture

Natalia Duque Cardona
Resisting the silencing of the Word

Aldo Ocampo González
Genoveva Ponce Naranjo
Anticolonial theory of reading and ontology of the lesser: analytical-methodological assumptions

Juliana Enrico
Critical Horizons for the Reading/Rewriting/Transformation of the Contemporary World from a Gender/Feminist/Queer/Cuir point of view

Luis Enrique Pincheira Muñoz
Marco Antonio Navarrete Ávila
Intersectionality and Research: Educational Inequality from the Critical Interculturality- Health- Corporateity Triad

Luz María Stella Moreno Medrano
Silvia Romero-Contreras
The Otomí Autonomous Educational Project: Supporting Children’s Literacy and Agency

Florina Mendoza Jiménez
The takeover of the INPI: an approach to the political experience of a disruptive action by the Otomi community living in Mexico City

Judy Kalman
We don’t vaccinate foreigners”: Promoting critical literacy through understanding disputed meanings in official documents

Juan Pablo Bermúdez
Juan Ramos-Martín
The notion of Governance and alternative literate practices: the challenge of epistemic justice thinking with the ‘Pueblos del centro’

Diana Carolina Moreno Rodríguez
Vladimir Núñez Camacho
Leonardo Varela
Critical literacies in Colombia: between social struggle and performative practices