Volume 8 Number 1 – August 2010

Paul R. Carr
Re-thinking normative democracy and the political economy of education

Daniel B. Saunders
Neoliberal Ideology and Public Higher Education in the United States

David Gillborn
Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing? a reply to Dave Hills “Race and Class in Britain: a critique of the statistical basis for critical race theory in Britain”

Liz Jackson
The New Assimilationism: The Push for Patriotic Education in the United States Since September 11

Jie Dong
Neo-Liberalism and the evolvement of China’s education policies on migrant children’s schooling

Susanne Butte
Freire: Informal Education as Protest

Paul J. Welsh
Some Social Consequences of Faith-based Schooling: A Comparative Study of Denominational Secondary Education in Thanet and Lille

Bonnie K. Fox Garrity, Mark J. Garrison, and Roger C. Fiedler
Access for Whom, Access to What? The Role of the “Disadvantaged Student” Market in the Rise of For-profit Higher Education in the United States

Henry Maitles
Why Does Wearing A Yellow Bib Make Us Different?: A Case Study of Explaining Discrimination in a West of Scotland Secondary (High) School

Andrew Hodgkins
Manufacturing (il)literacy in Alberta’s classrooms: The case of an oil-dependent state

Karim A. Remtulla
Media Mediators: Advocating an Alternate Paradigm for Critical Adult Education ICT Policy

Mary Kabesiime
Schooling Ugandan Girls: a policy historiography

Ergin Bulut
Transformation of the Turkish Vocational Training System: Capitalization, Modularization and Learning Unto Death

Lau Chui Shan
Alternative State Formation in Colonial Hong Kong: Patriotic Schools, 1946-1976

Chad Becker
American Education Discourse: Language, Values, and U.S. Federal Policy

Gabriela Walker, Alexander Rakochy, Margaret Fitzpatrick
Critical Theory and the Human Condition: A Book Review Symposium

Samuel Day Fassbinder, Greg William Misiaszek, Jorunn Thordarson
Critical Pedagogy, Ecoliteracy and Planetary Crisis: The Ecopedagogy Movement: A Book Review Symposium