Volume 17 Number 3 – December 2019

Katherine Simpson
Robin Simmons
Social Haunting or Reclaiming the Past? Education and the Working Class in a Former Mining Community

Tim Rudd
Stephen O’Brien
The System Crisis 2020: The End of Neoliberal Higher Education in the UK?

K.V Syamprasad
Merit and caste as cultural capital: Justifying affirmative action for the underprivileged in Kerala, India

Evelyn Wandia Corrado
Using ethnocentric dialogic education to develop the autonomy of children in Africa: A Kenyan study

Mark Preston S. Lopez
Maria R. Coady
Annie Grail F. Ekid
Rural indigenous teachers’ lived experiences in mother tongue education in the Philippines: Counter-stories of resistance

Stephen Black
Languages study and class privilege: The neoliberal effect in Australian schools