Volume 5 Number 1 – May 2007

Bernard Regan
Campaigning Against Neo-liberal Education in Britain

Nigel M. Greaves, Dave Hill, and Alpesh Maisuria
Embourgeoisment, Immiseration, Commodification – Marxism Revisited: a Critique of Education in Capitalist Systems

Helen Gunter
Remodelling the School Workforce in England: a study in tyranny

Mike Cole and Alpesh Maisuria
‘Shut the f*** up’, ‘you have no rights here’: Critical Race Theory and Racialisation in post-7/7 racist Britain

Lisa Arrastía
Capital’s Daisy Chain: Exposing Chicago’s Corporate Coalition

Jacqueline Edmondson and Alexandra D’Urso
The importance of being critical: Opening possibilities and hope in education policy study

Michelle Attard Tonna
Teacher education in a globalised age

Kirstin Ruth Bratt
Violence in the Curriculum: Compulsory Linguistic Discrimination in the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands

Curry Malott
Cuban Education in Neo-liberal Times: Socialist Revolutionaries and State Capitalism

John D. Holst
The Politics and Economics of Globalization and Social Change in Radical Adult Education: A Critical Review of Recent Literature

Tim Waller
ICT and Social Justice: Educational technology, global capital and digital divides

Ka Ho Mok and Yat Wai Lo
The Impacts of Neo-Liberalism on China’s Higher Education

Lawrence M Lesser and Sally Blake
Mathematical Power: Exploring Critical Pedagogy In Mathematics and Statistics