Volume 4 Number 1 – March 2006

Deb Kelsh and Dave Hill
The Culturalization of Class and the Occluding of Class Consciousness: The Knowledge Industry in/of Education

Antoni Verger and Xavier Bonal
Against GATS: the Sense of a Global Struggle

Mike Cole
‘Looters and Thugs and Inert Women Doing Nothing’: Racialized Communities in Capitalist America and the Role of Higher Education

Felecia M Briscoe
Reproduction of racialized hierarchies: Ethnic identities in the discourse of educational leadership

Natalie G Adams and James H Adams
“Bad Work is Better Than No Work”: The Gendered Assumptions in Welfare-to-Work Training Programs

Thomas Muhr and Antoni Verger
Venezuela: Higher Education For All

Kedir Assefa Tessema
Contradictions, Challenges, and Chaos in Ethiopian Teacher Education

Brad J Porfilio and Tian Yu
“Student as Consumer”: A Critical Narrative of the Commercialization of Teacher Education

Christopher Lubienski
School Choice and Privatization in Education: An Alternative Analytical Framework

Curry Malott
Schooling in an Era of Corporate Dominance: Marxism against Burning Tires


Volume 3 Number 2 – October 2005

Gregory Martin
You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Bus: Critical Pedagogy as Community Praxis

Patricia H. Hinchey
Karen Cadiero-Kaplan
The Future of Teacher Education and Teaching: Another Piece of the Privatization Puzzle

Peter Mayo
“In and Against the State”: Gramsci, War of Position, and Adult Education

Júlio Emílio Diniz-Pereira
Teacher Education for Social Transformation and its Links to Progressive Social Movements: The case of the Landless Workers Movement in Brazil[1]

Rob Smith
Grecian Urns and Yellow Cards – Quality and the internalisation of the quasi-market in the FE sector

Tyson Lewis
The Pedagogical Unconscious: Rethinking Marxist Pedagogy through Louis Althusser and Fredric Jameson

Dennis Beach and Marianne Dovemark
Creativity, Schooling and the Commodity Problem

Terry Robertson
Class Issues: A Critical Ethnography of Corporate Domination within the Classroom

Touorouzou Some
When private forces go poaching in the public orchard: Whither the “public” in Education in Burkina-Faso and the USA?


Volume 3 Number 1 – March 2005

Gian Carlo Delgado-Ramos and John Saxe-Fernánde
The World Bank and the Privatization of Public Education: A Mexican Perspective

Angela C. de Siqueira
The regulation of education through the WTO/GATS1

Faith Agostinone-Wilson
Fair and Balanced to Death: Confronting the Cult of Neutrality In the Teacher Education Classroom

Henry Maitles and Isabel Gilchrist
‘We’re citizens now’!: the development of positive values through a democratic approach to learning.

Brad Porfilio and Julia Hall
“Power City” Politics & the Building of a Corporate School

Stefan Thorpenberg
University Policy and Ideological Shift – On Reversed Reification and Norm System Changes

Rich Gibson
The Search for What Should Be, Within What Is, For Critical Educators

Helen Raduntz
Constructing a Critical Democratic Education: Is it possible?
A critical review essay of ‘Philosophical Scaffolding for the Construction of Critical Democratic Education’ By Richard A. Brosio, Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., New York 2000, 365 pages ISBN 0-8204-3939-8

David Gabbard
Invitational Insurrection: The Pedagogy and Politics of Richard Brosio’s Philosophical Scaffolding for the Construction of Critical Democratic Education
(Peter Lang Publishing, New York, 2000) 365 pages, ISBN 0-8204-3939-8

Sheila L. Macrine
Reenchanting the Project of Critical Social Theory: Troubling Postmodernism
A critical essay review of Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory edited by Dave Hill, Peter McLaren, Mike and Glenn Rikowski. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2002. ISBN0-7391-0345-8)

Volume 2 Number 2 – September 2004

Richard Brosio
Civil Society: Concepts and Critique, From a Radical Democratic Perspective

Pierrick Devidal
Trading Away Human Rights? The GATS and the Right to Education: a legal perspective

Tristan McCowan
Tooley’s Seven Virtues and the Profit Incentive in Higher Education

Eric Haas
The news media and the Heritage Foundation: Promoting education advocacy at the expense of authority

Andrea Beckmann & Charlie Cooper
‘Globalisation’, the New Managerialism and Education: Rethinking the Purpose of Education in Britain

Jill Pinkney Pastrana & Guillermo Williamson C. & Patricia Gómez R.
Learning from Mapuche Communities: Intercultural Education, and Participation in the Ninth Region of Chile

Álvaro Moreira Hypolito
Teachers’ Work and Professionalization: The promised land or dream denied?

Jim McKernan
George Bernard Shaw, the Fabian Society, and Reconstructionist Education Policy: the London School of Economics and Political Science

Christopher G. Robbins
Racism and the Authority of Neoliberalism: A Review of Three New Books on the Persistence of Racial Inequality in a Color-blind Era

Volume 2 Number 1 – March 2004

Pauline Lipman
Education Accountability and Repression of Democracy Post-9/11

Kathleen Kesson
Inhuman Powers and Terrible Things:
The Theory and Practice of Alienated Labor in Urban Schools

David A. Gabbard
A Nation at Risk – Reloaded: part II

Ramin Farahmandpur
ESSAY REVIEW: A Marxist Critique of Michael Apple’s Neo-Marxist Approach to Educational Reform [1]

Roberto Leher
A New Lord of Education?
World Bank Policy for Peripheral Capitalism [1]

Dennis Beach
The Public Costs of the Re-structuring of Adult Education:
A Case in Point from Sweden

Bill Templer
High-Stakes Testing at High Fees: Notes and Queries on the International English Proficiency Assessment Market

Dawn Penney
Policy tensions being played out in practice. The Specialist Schools initiative in England.

Volume 1 Number 2 – October 2003

Richard Brosio
High-Stakes Tests: Reasons To Strive For Better Marx

David Hursh
Camille Anne Martina
Neoliberalism and schooling in the U.S.
How state and federal government education policies perpetuate inequality

David A. Gabbard
A Nation At Risk – Reloaded: Part I

Curry Malott
Joseph Carroll-Miranda
Punkore Scenes as Revolutionary Street Pedagogy

Grant Banfield
Getting Real About Class: Towards an Emergent Marxist Education

Juha Suoranta
The World Divided in Two: Digital Divide, Information and Communication Technologies, and the ‘Youth Question’

Anita Trnavcevic
Marketization of Public Basic Education in Slovenia: Policy and Quality Discussion

Volume 1 Number 1 – March 2003

Dave Hill
Global Neo-Liberalism, the Deformation of Education and Resistance

Glenn Rikowski
Schools and the GATS Enigma

Simon Boxley
Performativity and Capital in Schools

Jane Mulderrig
Consuming education: a critical discourse analysis of social actors in New Labour’s education policy

Tristan McCowan
Participation and Education in the Landless People’s Movement of Brazil

Georgios Grollios
Ioannis Kaskaris
From socialist – democratic to “Third Way” politics and rhetoric in Greek education (1997 – 2002)

Joel Kivirauma
Risto Rinne
Piia Seppänen
Neo-liberal education policy approaching the Finnish shoreline?