The transformative potential of critical pedagogy for Education Studies students in interrogating neoliberalism

Ben Johnson
Birmingham Newman University, Birmingham, England, UK
Steve Dixon
Birmingham Newman University, Birmingham, England, UK
Andrew Edgar
Birmingham Newman University, Birmingham, England, UK

Citation information
Author: Ben Johnson, Steve Dixon and Andrew Edgar
Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies
Volume 21, Number 3
ISSN 1740-2743

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Volume 21 Number 3 – Dec 2023

Ben Johnson 
Steve Dixon
Andrew Edgar

The transformative potential of critical pedagogy for Education Studies students in interrogating neoliberalism

Peter W Shay 
Precluding Critical Pedagogy: Ethical Democracy and the Tyranny of Functional Metrics, Visible Learning, and Data Surveillance

John N Ponsaran
Employing Critical Place-Based Inquiry in the Media and Information Literacy Praxis: Preliminary Expositions and Propositions

Muharrem Demirdiş 
Pelin Taşkın
The private education dilemma: Why public school teachers are opting for alternative options for their children?

Marina Sounoglou 
Greek, Finnish and Danish curricula and their relation to the labor market: a critical approach

Marita Ljungqvist
Anders Sonesson
All that glitters is not gold: The depoliticization of social inequality in European education policy on ‘microcredentials’

Xiangyu Zeng
Investigating the Possibility of Change within the Transnational Higher Education in China Using a Freirean Study of the Promise of Critical Pedagogy

Susan Nelson
Jesus Jaime-Diaz
Book Review Symposium: Mike Cole Racism and The Tory Party: From Disraeli to Johnson (New York: Routledge, 2023), 490 pages, paperback. ISBN: 9781032056753

Avijit Pathak
Amrita Sastry
Mandvi Mishra
Book Review Symposium: Maya John (Ed), Debating Education in India: Issues and Concerns (New Delhi, Tulika Books, 2023), pp 300, Hardcover, ISBN- 978-81-956392-4-3

Simon Boxley 
Thinking the Revolution with Derek Ford: A Review Article

Jesus Jaime-Diaz
Aimée Azul Chávez
Book Review: Derek R. Ford Teaching the Actuality of Revolution: Aesthetics,Unlearning, and the Sensations of Struggle (Madison: Iskra Books, 2023), 158 pages, paperback. ISBN:13: 978-1-0880-7169-4

Volume 21 Number 2 – Sep 2023

Dave Hill 
Marxist Critical Policy Analysis (MCPA) of Education Policy as opposed to Traditional Policy Analysis (TPA) and Critical Policy Analysis (CPA): What it is and What it does, Why and in Whose interests

Patricia McGrath 
Examining Social Justice, Inclusion and the Experiences of Low-income students in Ireland, through the lens of Nancy Fraser

Kyoung-oh Song
Bo-Young Kwon
Re-thinking Democracy of Higher Education in South Korea: Challenges and Prospects

Oliver McGarr
Educational inequality and the reproductive nature of schooling in Irish second-level education: exploring the influence of the wider political context

Darren Cogavin 
The Lancaster University Teach-Outs: Experiments in Radical Pedagogies and Reimagining the University

Jane Booth 
Desperate for Social Innovation: The case for the community-based University

Gunjan Sharma
Sunita Singh
Locating Children’s Right to Education in India’s National Education Policy 2020

Maria Menegaki
Education for a Segregated Society? An Ethnographic Approach to Educational Change in Catalonia