Volume 4 Number 1 – March 2006

Deb Kelsh and Dave Hill
The Culturalization of Class and the Occluding of Class Consciousness: The Knowledge Industry in/of Education

Antoni Verger and Xavier Bonal
Against GATS: the Sense of a Global Struggle

Mike Cole
‘Looters and Thugs and Inert Women Doing Nothing’: Racialized Communities in Capitalist America and the Role of Higher Education

Felecia M Briscoe
Reproduction of racialized hierarchies: Ethnic identities in the discourse of educational leadership

Natalie G Adams and James H Adams
“Bad Work is Better Than No Work”: The Gendered Assumptions in Welfare-to-Work Training Programs

Thomas Muhr and Antoni Verger
Venezuela: Higher Education For All

Kedir Assefa Tessema
Contradictions, Challenges, and Chaos in Ethiopian Teacher Education

Brad J Porfilio and Tian Yu
“Student as Consumer”: A Critical Narrative of the Commercialization of Teacher Education

Christopher Lubienski
School Choice and Privatization in Education: An Alternative Analytical Framework

Curry Malott
Schooling in an Era of Corporate Dominance: Marxism against Burning Tires