Volume 3 Number 2 – October 2005

Gregory Martin
You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Bus: Critical Pedagogy as Community Praxis

Patricia H. Hinchey
Karen Cadiero-Kaplan
The Future of Teacher Education and Teaching: Another Piece of the Privatization Puzzle

Peter Mayo
“In and Against the State”: Gramsci, War of Position, and Adult Education

Júlio Emílio Diniz-Pereira
Teacher Education for Social Transformation and its Links to Progressive Social Movements: The case of the Landless Workers Movement in Brazil[1]

Rob Smith
Grecian Urns and Yellow Cards – Quality and the internalisation of the quasi-market in the FE sector

Tyson Lewis
The Pedagogical Unconscious: Rethinking Marxist Pedagogy through Louis Althusser and Fredric Jameson

Dennis Beach and Marianne Dovemark
Creativity, Schooling and the Commodity Problem

Terry Robertson
Class Issues: A Critical Ethnography of Corporate Domination within the Classroom

Touorouzou Some
When private forces go poaching in the public orchard: Whither the “public” in Education in Burkina-Faso and the USA?