Volume 2 Number 2 – September 2004

Richard Brosio
Civil Society: Concepts and Critique, From a Radical Democratic Perspective

Pierrick Devidal
Trading Away Human Rights? The GATS and the Right to Education: a legal perspective

Tristan McCowan
Tooley’s Seven Virtues and the Profit Incentive in Higher Education

Eric Haas
The news media and the Heritage Foundation: Promoting education advocacy at the expense of authority

Andrea Beckmann & Charlie Cooper
‘Globalisation’, the New Managerialism and Education: Rethinking the Purpose of Education in Britain

Jill Pinkney Pastrana & Guillermo Williamson C. & Patricia Gómez R.
Learning from Mapuche Communities: Intercultural Education, and Participation in the Ninth Region of Chile

Álvaro Moreira Hypolito
Teachers’ Work and Professionalization: The promised land or dream denied?

Jim McKernan
George Bernard Shaw, the Fabian Society, and Reconstructionist Education Policy: the London School of Economics and Political Science

Christopher G. Robbins
Racism and the Authority of Neoliberalism: A Review of Three New Books on the Persistence of Racial Inequality in a Color-blind Era