Volume 2 Number 1 – March 2004

Pauline Lipman
Education Accountability and Repression of Democracy Post-9/11

Kathleen Kesson
Inhuman Powers and Terrible Things:
The Theory and Practice of Alienated Labor in Urban Schools

David A. Gabbard
A Nation at Risk – Reloaded: part II

Ramin Farahmandpur
ESSAY REVIEW: A Marxist Critique of Michael Apple’s Neo-Marxist Approach to Educational Reform [1]

Roberto Leher
A New Lord of Education?
World Bank Policy for Peripheral Capitalism [1]

Dennis Beach
The Public Costs of the Re-structuring of Adult Education:
A Case in Point from Sweden

Bill Templer
High-Stakes Testing at High Fees: Notes and Queries on the International English Proficiency Assessment Market

Dawn Penney
Policy tensions being played out in practice. The Specialist Schools initiative in England.