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The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies (JCEPS) is a double-blind peer-reviewed international scholarly journal published by The Institute for Education Policy Studies (IEPS). The free, online version is published in association with the Kapodistrian and National University of Athens (Greece). JCEPS has three issues per annum, as from 2013, prior to that, since March 2003, there were two issues per annum. The journal website is Enquiries should be addressed to and copied to

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The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies (JCEPS) seeks to develop Marxist and other Left analyses and critiques of education. JCEPS seeks and publishes articles that critique global, national, neo-liberal, neo-conservative, neo-Fascist, New Labour, Third Way, postmodernist and other analyses of policy developments, as well as those that attempt to report on, analyse and develop Socialist/ Marxist transformative policy for schooling and education from a number of Radical Left perspectives, including Freirean, Communist, Marxist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic perpsectives. JCEPS addresses issues of social class, ‘race’, gender, sexual orientation, disability and capital/ism; critical pedagogies, new public managerialism and academic/ non-academic labour, and empowerment/ disempowerment.

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Volume 20 Number 2 – July 2022

Luis Arboledas-Lérida
A critical assessment on the potentialities and limitations of a Marxian-informed approach to teaching/learning activities

Vinícius Neves de Cabral
A Marxist Approach to Disability: Notes on Marx’s Relative Surplus Population

Ícaro Franca Bastos
Manoela Barbosa Pinto
Simone Silveira Amorim
Tricia M. Kress
Culture and Language: Critical Interculturalism and Multiculturalism alongside with socio and emotional intelligences in language learning

Sara Zamir
Reham Alkrenawy
Integrating Bedouin Children into a Kibbutz Kindergarten: Maintaining Genuine Co-Existence or Preserving the Old Order?

Scott Ellison
Crisis, Mutant Neoliberalism, & Critical Education Policy Analysis

Sally Welsh
The 2019 Chicago Teachers’ Union Strike: meeting student needs analysed through Nancy Fraser’s ‘politics of need interpretation’

Louisa Dawes
Mediating ‘authorised’ pedagogies in high poverty classrooms: navigating policy and practice in an era of neoliberal and neoconservative educational reform

Kevin Russell Magill
Arturo Rodriguez
Reframing Violence, Power, and Education

María Begoña Vigo-Arrazola
Belén Dieste
Ana Cristina Blasco-Serrano
Education Recommendations for Inclusive Education from the National Arena in Spain. Less poetry and more facts

Janine Aldous Arantes
eMorpheus: The unconscious human labour of producing commercial data in educational settings

Daniel Sparks
School Board Privatization: A Case Study of NYC Charter Schools

Sara Mirza
9/11, Language, Islam, and the Arrogance of Ignorance

Nichole Rivale-Bell
Equity Centered Leadership of Principals Who Narrowed the Race-Based Academic Achievement Gap

Yamilda Arias Verdecia
Leticia de las Mercedes García Rosabal
Rosi Smith
The impact of COVID-19 on the education of Cuban university students

Manuel Joseph Ellul
Kurt Borg
Massimilano Tarozzi
Maria Nikolakaki
Book Review Symposium: Peter Mayo and Paolo Vittoria, (2021) Critical Education in International Perspective. London and New York. Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN HB: 978-1-3501-4775-1