Producing Homogeneity as a Historical Tradition. Neo-conservatism, Precarity and Citizenship Education in Poland

Hana Cervinkova
University of Lower Silesia, Wrocław, Poland
Institute of Ethnology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech

Citation information
author: Hana Cervinkova
Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies
Volume 14, Number 3
ISSN 1740-2743

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Conservative Education Reloaded: Policy, Ideology and Impacts in England

Dave Hill
Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford, England
Christine Lewis
University of Brighton, Brighton, England
Alpesh Maisuria
University of East London, London, England
Patrick Yarker
University of East Anglia, Norwich, England
James Hill
Schoolteacher in England

Citation information
author: Dave Hill, Christine Lewis, Alpesh Maisuria, Patrick Yarker & James Hill
Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies
Volume 14, Number 3
ISSN 1740-2743

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Volume 14 Number 2 – August 2016

Debbie Sonu
Julie Gorlewski
Daniel Vallée

Editorial: Learn, by listening to the child in neoliberal schools

Pamela J. Hickey
“They Always Keep Us in Line”: Neoliberalism and Elementary Emergent Bilinguals

María Isabel Morales
There is space to play! Mexican American Children of Immigrants Learning With(in) Cherry Orchards

Kate Phillippo
Briellen Griffin

“If you don’t score high enough, then that’s your fault”:
Student civic dispositions in the context of competitive school choice policy

High School Youth
Variations on a life in bars

Jim Burns
Jaime Nolan
Ernest Weston, Jr. (Oglala Lakota)
Amanda Malcolm (Oneida)

Indigenous education, colonization, neoliberal schools, and narratives of survivance

Nataly Z. Chesky
Rebecca A. Goldstein

Whispers that echo: Girls’ experiences and voices in news media reports about STEM education reform

Julie Gorlewski
“Say what they want to hear”: Students’ Perceptions of Writing in a Working-Class High School

Jessica Ruglis
Daniel Vallée

Student disengagement as/and unfairness: Re-reading schools through photos

Claudia Diera
Democratic possibilities for student voice within schools undergoing reform: A student counterpublic case study